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Hood County Courthouse Historic District, Granbury

Wright-Henderson-Duncan House, Granbury


Hood County Museum, Granbury


Acton Cemetery

Acton Methodist Church, Granbury

Acton Public Square

Add-Ran Christian College

Aston House

Aston-Landers Building

Baker-Doyle Building, Granbury

Baker-Rylee Building and Town Square Service Station

Bowden-Kennon House

Bush-Morgan Cherry Building

City named for Confederate General General H. B. Granbury (1831-1864) and Granbury's Texas Brigade

Comanche Peak

Daniel House

Daniel-Harris Home

David L. Nutt Home

E. A. Hannaford House

Elizabeth Crockett

First Christian Church of Granbury

First National Bank

First Presbyterian Church of Granbury

Former Acton Masonic Lodge Hall

General H. B. Granbury

General John Bell Hood

Glenn Brothers Building

Gordon Home, Granbury

Granbury House

Granbury Light Plant, Granbury

Granbury Methodist Church, Granbury

Granbury Opera House

Granbury Railroad Depot, Granbury

Grave of Elizabeth Crockett

Hardware and Tin Shop

Harris Building

Haynes-Burns-Ewell Building

Holderness-Aiken House

Hood County Courthouse

Hood County Jailhouse

Hood County News

J. D. and Georgia Brown House, Granbury

J. F. and J. Nutt Building

John W. Bull Stone House

Lees-Bryan House

Mitchell Bend Cemetery, Granbury

Site of Home of Elizabeth Crockett

Site of Schultz Blacksmith Shop, Granbury

Smith-Savage House

The Fair

Thrash-Landers-Hiner House, Granbury

Three Miles to the Grave of Elizabeth Crockett

Wright-Henderson-Duncan House


Many historical locations have been submitted from Hood County for official recognition. Following is a listing of different survey submissions and details, to include some of the above selected sites:

(Fort Worth & Rio Grande) Santa Fe Railway Freight House, Granbury

(Fort Worth & Rio Grande) Santa Fe Railway Depot, Granbury

Acton Lodge (Masonic Institute), Granbury

Aiken Homeplace, Granbury

Andy Aston Residence, Granbury

Aston Landers Building, Granbury

Baker-Doyle Building, Granbury

Baker-Rylee Building/Service Station, Granbury

Cherry's Mart, Granbury

Clarence Thompson, Tolar

Colored Methodist-Episcopal Church, Granbury

Dan C. Cogdell Residence, Granbury

David Lee Nutt House, Granbury

Doyle Residence, Granbury

Dr. W. J. Moore Residence (President's Home-Granbury College), Granbury

Dr. W. S. Walker Residence, Granbury

Dr. Walker-Morris-Peveler House, Granbury

E. A. Hannaford House, Granbury

E. A. Hannaford Residence, Granbury

Fall Creek Tabernacle & Cemetery

Ferrell Building, Granbury

Ferry Master's Cabin, Granbury

First Christian Church, Granbury

First National Bank, Granbury

First National Bank Annex, Granbury

First Presbyterian Church, Granbury

Glenn Brother's Building, Granbury

Gordon Building, Granbury

Hannaford Building, Granbury

Hardware and Tin Shop, Granbury

Harris Building, Granbury

Holderness-Lambert-Schumaker-Aiken House, Granbury

Hood County Courthouse, Granbury

Hood County Courthouse Historic District, Granbury

Hood County Jail, Granbury

Hood County(?) State Bank, Granbury

J. F. & J. Nutt Building, Granbury

Jake Green Residence, Thorp Spring

Jeff Rylee Building, Granbury

Jess Baker (Carmichael-Harris) Residence, Granbury

John Thrasher, Granbury

Leo Shanley Grist Mill, Granbury

Moore Residence, Thorp Spring

National Register Surveys of 15 Structures in Granbury:

Nutt-Wright-Duncan Residence, Granbury

Opera House, Granbury

Panter Branch Post Office; Elmore H. Snider Cabin, Granbury

Randolph Daniel-W. S. Harris Residence, Granbury

Rumored to be President's House for Add-Ran College, Thorp Spring

Rutherford Hall of Thorp Spring Christian College, Thorp Spring

Salman Residence, Granbury

Salman-Gordon Residence, Granbury

Sellars Building, Granbury

Texas Christian University (Add-Ran College), Thorp Spring

The Fair, Granbury

Tolar Tabernacle, Tolar

Tom Matlock House, Potishman Ranch

Tom Matlock Storm Cellar

William Buchanan Daniel House, Granbury

Wright-Henderson-Duncan House

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