Hood County Texas Genealogical Society


1846 - 1936


by LaNelda Williamson Gordon of San Antonio, Texas


James C. Williamson was born in Madison County, Alabama in 1846, son of Robert and Susanna Williamson. James enlisted in the Civil War in Jacksonville, Calhoun County, Alabama. He served two years as an independent scout in the 4th Alabama Cavalry under Captain Earl and First Lieutenant Frank Cooley. James was discharged from military service on March 18, 1865.

James came to Texas in 1876 from Alabama with a wagon train. Family members accompanying him were his wife Elora Frances Edmonson Williamson, her two sisters Mary Elizabeth and Sarah Edmonson, and their three young children.

Settling in the Mambrino community of Hood County, James purchased 333 acres for the sum of one dollar per acre and some personal services from Mr. W. W. Guinn on July 12, 1877. He built a house close to the river bank, near what now is the power plant, and began farming his land.

James was a member of the Methodist Church in his community. He and Frances had nine children that attended school in Mambrino:

James farmed the land for nearly 50 years, until some time after 1926. In 1926 Frances fell and broke her hip. Because they were not able to do much about that kind of break at the time, Frances died three months later.

James lost his farm to the bank, yet one of his grandsons bought the land from the bank. The land still belongs to the Williamson family.

James Williamson died September 4, 1936 and was buried in Elm Flat Cemetery along with his wife Frances and several other family members.

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