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The name of COGDILL appears in various spellings in early North Carolina records. At that time, most names were spelled phonetically and this name was no exception. It appears as COGDIL, COGSDIL, COGSDILL, COGDILL, COGEDEL, COGDELL, COGLE, COGHILL, COGDAL, COGDALL, COGDALE, COGGSDAIL, and COXDAILLE.

Three of the names were discussed in Surnames of Scotland by George F. Blake, Ph.D., published in 1946, reprinted from the bulletin of the New York Public Library. August 1943-1946, at page 160:

COGGESHALL. William de COGESHALE witnessed an East Lothian charter by William the Lion (James, 11, p3) and also attested a charter by Malcolm, Earl of Fife. C-1214-26 (RHM., 11. 1). He was probably a cleric, from Coggeshall or Cogshall in Essex. COGHILL. A respelling of the name COGLE. COGLE. A surname current in Shetland derived from the lands of Cogle in the parish of Watten, Caithness.

This land lies on the northeastern border of Great Britain. However, family tradition has long been that our particular COGDILL migrant came to the colonies from London, England, long before the Revolution according to the statement of a descendant, James Lenard COGDILL (1854-1944) which statement was made to this compiler, in August 1937.

William COGDILL, the subject of the COGDILL history, first appeared in Tryon County, North Carolina, then Rutherford County and Lincoln County and later in western North Carolina.

William COGDILL (the emigrant) born ca. 1736, London, England, was in Tryon County, North Carolina, in October 1772 when his name appeared in the Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Sessions, for Old Tryon County, on the List of Claims presented and allowed by the court (see MF C.094-40002, Tryon County, 1771-1772 Court Minutes, 2d Book, State Library, Raleigh, NC):



William Cogdale, 1 wolf scalp ticket-7.6*** (other names)

Jacob Shipman, D -7.6"

Although this film from the State Library at Raleigh, North Carolina, shows that it is for the years of 1771-1772, the book actually contains the 1770 court minutes, too. In the years 1770 and 1772 Tryon County paid a bounty of seven shillings sixpence for wolf and some panther scalp tickets; others were ten shillings. A study of the early history of the area reveals that the settlers sent men as hunters (usually single men) ahead of the main body to clear the land of varmints. They lived in temporary huts while the area was being scouted. Tryon County was in existence from 1768 to 1779, and Lincoln and Rutherford counties were made from Tryon in 1778-1779.

William COGDILL served in the Revolutionary War as a private in the North Carolina Line (Cert. #90121, Alexander Brevard's Company) enlisting on 25 May 1781 and leaving the service on 25 April 1782, serving in the 10th Regiment under Col. Abraham Shepard. (See North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol. II #4 October 1902, pub. By J.R.B. Hathaway, Edenton, N.C. 1902.) (See also Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution, published by the North Carolina Daughters of the American Revolution, Durham, North Carolina, in 1932, at pages 6 and 513.) William COGDILL is also listed on the Statements of Accounts of Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the North Carolina Line in the late Army of the United States as passed upon by the Commissioners of Army Accounts, Vol. C, records at the State Archives in Raleigh, North Carolina. (In this document, his name is clearly spelled William COGDILL.)

William Cogdill was the great-great grandfather of Alfred Bert Cogdill.

Alfred Bert COGDILL , born 14 May 1848, Spring Creek, North Carolina, married Sarah Jane Elizabeth BROWN on 9 Sept 1869 (marriage register, Madison Co, NC and family bible). She was born 24 Feb 1850 on Spring Creek, the daughter of Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Cook) Brown. The birth date for Alfred Bert COGDILL is from the 1850 through the 1880 census records.) They lived on Spring Creek a number of years, then migrated to Texas about 1833, settleing on a farm owned by William R. COOK, a first cousin of Sarah's, which was near Buckner, Texas in Parker County. Bert became seriously ill and was ill for a long time; he was cared for at his brother Benjamin's home for a month or so at one time but returned to his home before he died on 11 Nov 1899 and was buried in the Buckner, Texas cemetery. About a year later Sarah moved her family near Granbury, Texas "West of the Brazos River." She was enumerated in the 1900 census in Precinct #1 Granbury, Texas with eight of her nine children living with her. She stated she had had twelve children, nine of them living; all were born in North Carolina, except the youngest, , William D., who was four years old on the census. Their ages ranged from the oldest at 29 years to the youngest at four years.

Sarah J.E. COGDILL died 4 May 1920 (see Death Cert. #85 State Dept. of Health, Austin, TX) at Fall Creek, Texas and was buried in the Buckner, Texas cemetery alongside her husband. Their children were as follows:

1. Jeremiah A.COGDILL, born, 14 June 1871
2. Henry Robert COGDILL, born, 5 Mar 1872
3. Joseph Franklin COGDILL,born, 4 Jan 1874
4. Alfred Newton Cogdill born, 17 Nov 1878
5. Sarah M. COGDILL, born 27 Apr 1882
6. Iowa (Owie) COGDILL, born 4 Feb 1886
7. Patton Fidilla COGDILL, born 9 Sept 1888
8. Samuel F. COGDILL, born 29 Apr 1891
9. Annie COGDILL, twin
10. Janie COGDILL, twin

William D. COGDILL, born 14 Sept 1895, Buckner, Texas

Henry Robert COGDILL, born 5 Mar 1872, married Exie D. Palmer (from the Henry Davis files, Granbury Library). She was born in Dec 1876 in Alabama. Henry became the Minister of the General Assembly of God Church in Granbury. He played any musical instrument around.

Robert Gerdes COGDILL of Hobart, Oklahoma recalled that when he was a small boy, his father, F. Patton COGDILL, went in his wagon to meet his brother, Bert, at the train in Weatherford, Texas (this was ca 1893). He recalled, ''There were so many of them, about fifteen, coming down the road, some riding, and some walking, and Henry was playing a harp (harmonica)". About 1918 Jerry and Alfred COGDILL (Bert's sons) came to Oklahoma to visit Robert Gerdes COGDILL and also to visit Sid and Tuck McGEE, old time fiddlers who moved from Lipan, Texas to Mangum, Oklahoma some years earlier. Henry R. COGDILL died 16 May 1952 and his wife, Exie, died on 12 Nov 1953; both were buried at Fall Creek, Texas. (Information from Raymond B. COGDILL.) Two of their children were enumerated in the 1900 census with their parents: 1 Francis M. COGDILL, son, born July 1894 in Arkansas. 2 Sarah F.B COGDILL, daughter, born Apr 1897 in Texas.

Mattie Elizabeth KIRBY died on 23 Dec 1902 at Granbury (Vol. E p 121 MR, Hood Co TX). Mattie was born 13 Aug 1882 at Jackson, Tennessee. They settled near Fall Creek, Texas where he died on 11 June 1932, and she died 14 Dec 1958; both were buried in the Fall Creek, Texas cemetery. They had no children and when his brother, Joseph F. COGDILL, lost his wife in 1921, they took his two younger sons, Raymond B. and Mark COGDILL, into their home and raised them. They also raised two daughters of another brother, Patton F. COGDILL, named Burtie and Mattie after their father's death in 1926.

(Information from Raymond B. COGDILL, 318 S. Hanford, Granbury, TX 76048).

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