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Kristenstad Cemetery


FM 167 south from Acton to Pecan Plantation Subdivision. (Necessary to obtain permission from front office to enter). South (left) on Montecello Drive through entire subdivision until reaching Pecan Plantation Fire & EMS. Left (east) on dirt road opposite firestation (private entrance to Leonard Bend Pecan Farm). Follow Road .6 miles. Cemetery is unmarked and impossible to find without the farm foreman. It is located in the pecan grove. The cemetery site is due south from the private dirt road about 100 yards north of the subdvision fenceline. Check in at the farm headquarters before attempting to locate this site because it is on private property. 3297-242.


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Overall view of location of Kristenstad Cemetery. The missing pecan trees is the main evidence that a cemetery is located here. According to a longtime employee of the Leonard Bend Pecan Farm there was once a battered, illegible, metal funeral home marker and two small graves outlined by marbles - all now vanished.



The following information on burials was related to Margaret & Royce Harber by Lester George Maddox

***See Comments by Gene Berryman.


Rosie Pearl and Thomas Patton, still born twins

of Lester George Maddox and Bertie Lucil (Condel) Maddox

died 1937


The father of Joe Floss

No dates


A Mr. Turner

No dates






When the Harbers talked with Lester George Maddox he was suffering from Alzimers, he had a niece

named Rosie Pearl (Kennemer) but not a daughter. I talked with his son George, and he recalls talk

of children being buried but they were not twins and knows of no Rosie Pearl in his family.

Lester Maddox married Bertie Lucille COGDILL 1 Sep 1934.  I found 2 births at the Hood County

Clerks office they were: (1) Thomas Patton Maddox, still born on 23 Aug 1935, Kristenstad, Hood,

Texas, I could not find a death certificate, (2) Vanla Pearl Maddox, still born 27 April 1938, Hood, Texas

there is also a death certificate for her.  I believe these are the 2 children hee was refering to and were

buried in Kristenstad Cemetery. The rest of their children were born in Johnson, County. Mrs Maddox

died  26 Mar 1992.

Mr. Maddox died 1 April 2005, I went the the visitation where I met his twin sisters, Betty and Billy. I

talked with Betty and she said there were no twins. She had seen a baby in a jar with fluid in it (not sure

if 1 or both), my wife was told as a child that children were placed in jars and buried (she is a niece of

Lester and Bertie).  I believe these are the two childred buried in the Kristenstad Cemetery. If I can be

of further assistance please contact me.


   Gene Berryman







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