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                               ANTIOCH CEMETERY
                              Hood County, Texas
         This small cemetery is in Hood County near Tolar, Texas.
         It is fenced and has the name in a metal archway above the
         entrance gate. Each time we have visited, the area has been
         well kept.
         To travel to Antioch Cemetery from Granbury, go to the second
         blinking traffic light in Tolar. Turn right onto State High-
         way #56 north. Travel on the highway for 4.6 miles. The
         cemetery will be on the right side and very near to the road-
         way. It is easily seen.
         Jo Ann and Dustin Massey and I catalogued the graves on a
         cold, windy day in early March, 1990.
         Mary Kate Durham
         BROWN, Lottie E.        MUSICK, J. A.
         b. 13 Nov 1876          No dates
         d. 12 May 1890          (4 graves covered with
         (Stone lies flat on     concrete but no names)
         the ground)
                                MUSICK, Jane
         MUSICK, Austin          b. 2 Dec 1834
         b. 15 Apr 1826           d. 4 Jul 1916
         d. 21 Dec 1897          Wife of A. Musick
         Husband of Jane Musick
                               PRESGROVES, Infant
         MUSICK, Eliza           b. 23 Apr 1906
         b. 1851                 d. 23 Apr 1906
         d. 1934                 Infant of E.V. h L.A.
         MUSICK, Henry           (Stone flat on the ground.
         b. 1853                 Inscription marred.)
         d. 1928
                                TINER, Charles Leonard
         MUSICK, Henry A.        b. 3 Jun 1879
         b. 12 Oct 1893          d. 30 Dec 1891
         d. 20 Oct 1894          Son of W.L. & F.M. Tiner
         Son of J.A. & Maud 
                                (Three or more graves
         MUSICK, Infant          marked with stones but
         b. 28 Aug 1892          no identification)
         d. 28 Aug 1892
         Infant dau of H.A. & 
         Eliza Musiclc

Corrections / Additions

Subject: antioch cem
   Date: Fri, 13 Nov 1998 00:27:22 -0800
   From: William Reniker 
    To:  granbury@emcee.com
Nov. 12, 1998
Regarding Antioch cemetery:
If possible, the following two names should be added to the list of
those buried at Antioch, near Tolar.
   GEORGE W. BROWN           b.  3  DEC  1811    d.  6  SEPT  1891
   MARY MOORE-BROWN      b.    unkown          d.  14  FEB  1910
The grave of George W. Brown was marked as of 1978, and 1986, but the
stone was badly damaged.  A  new flat stone for George W. Brown was
placed in July 1991, after the 1990 inventory by Mary Kate Durham. There
was/is no marker for Mary Moore-Brown.
Your site is very well done and greatly appreciated!
Thank you.
Bill Reniker
email:       wer1444@earthlink.net


Four tombstones have been erected in Antioch Cemetery in recent years.



George Washington Brown 3 Dec 1811 - 6 Sep 1891, 1st wife Martha Vandergriff 30 May 1814 - 20 Dec 1865

Mary Moore Brown 19 Mar 1816 - 14 Feb 1910, 2nd wife, "Aunt Polly"

Lottie Emiline Brown 13 Nov 1876 - 12 May 1890, d/o J.M. & S.J. (Hamby) Brown


(1) was erected in 2001 and is located near the three Brown graves. It is the first stone bearing Mary Moore Brown's name, the 2nd to mark Lottie Brown's burial and the 3rd stone to record George Washington Brown's name. The name of Martha Vandergriff, likely buried in Arkansas, is included for the historical information.




John Allen Musick 28 Nov 1866 - 29 Aug 1941

Maud (Watts) Musick 16 Sept 1874 - 23 Oct 1933

Erected by the estate of daughter Bertha (Musick) Dumas 2004


(2) is a double headstone. John Allen is a son of Austin and Jane Musick.



William Jerry Campbell 19 Jun 1934 - 21 Jun 1934


(3) was erected by William Jerry's twin brother. They are great Grandsons of Austin Musick.


Thank you,


Donna (Brazell) Chapman

Great Great Granddaughter of George Washington Brown



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