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Contributed by Tommye Hiler

Extracted from
Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletter dated May 1987


A List of All Ex-Confederate Soldiers from the Centennial Edition of the Hood County News-Tablet of August 11, 1966. An introduction to the article states, "We are indebted to J. Newton Nutt for this clipping which lists the names of Confederate veterans. It isn't dated but we quote that which we can read."

A Complete Roster of All Registered Up To This Time

"Below we give the names, company initials and regiments or other condensed data of every old soldier so far registered in Hood County. Adjutant W. J. Bonner (we think, copy not clear) asks that any veteran whose name does not appear call at Capt. Morris' store and have their name entered. If there are any errors in the list, please call attention to them."

Adams, M. W.

I, 17 Tex Inf.

Allen, J. H.

B, 2 Miss. Cav.

Anderson, S. A.

B, 32 Tex. Cavalry

Archer, Lt. J. C.

G, 16 Ala. Inf.

Arrington, C. T.

H, 16 Con. Regulars

Atwood, W. M.

K, 3 Ga. Cav

Baker, A.

G, 44 Va. Cavalry

Barrett, John

A, 16 Ala.

Boon, George H.

A, Gnno's Texas sq

Bowden, S. L.

B, P S S

Boyd, S. T.

G, 48 Ala. Inf.

Bradley, J. S.

F, 1 Tex Inf.

Brady, King

D, 4 Ga. Inf

Brewer, J. J.

E, 10 Ala Cav.

Brewer, Sil

D, 32 and 58 Alabama Inf.

Brown, A.

F, McCreary's Inf.

Butler, Wm. M.

C, 2 Tex Inf.

Camp, B. W.

E, Berces Bat.

Caraway, L. J.

G, 30 Tex Cav.

Carnes, W. D. G.

F, 24 Tenn.

Carpenter, W. S.

A, Griffin's Battery

Carr, T. J.

E, 1 Miss Cav.

Chapman, W. E.

G, 11 Mo. Inf.

Cherry, J. R.

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H, 5c Tenn. Inf.

Davis, J. J.

B, Roper's Ark. Regiment

Davis, N. S.

D, Tenn. Cav.

Deaver, W. C.

9 Tenn. Bat., Freeman's Battery

Deering, J. B.

L, 43 Ga. Inf.

Dennis, B. H.

D, 18 Tex. Cav.

Dennis, W. M.

D, 15 Tex Cav.

Dillard, L. B.

A, 4 Tenn. Cav.

Doyle, J. H.

G, 7 South Carolina Cav.

Duke, W. A.

E, 23 Ala. Inf.

Dunn, W. M.

K, 15 Tex., Ector's Bri.

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Ennis, N. M.

E, 1 Con. Cav.

Ethridge, W. S.

A, Boland's Regiment

Ewell, C. T.

D, 3 Ky. Inf.

Farmer, W. B.

E, 14 Tex Inf.

Formwalt, Major J. A.

10 Texas Cavalry

Foster, R. T.

Burberide's Regiment

Furlough, T. A.

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G, 10 Tex Cav.

Gardner, C. G.

A, 1 Bat. Texas S S

Gardner, W. C.

A, 1 Texas S S, Burnett's Battalion

Green, Perry

D, 8 Tex. Cav.

Green, W. A.

F, 4 Tex Inf.

Harriss, J. K. P.

C, 15 Tex Cav.

Henderson, I. B.

C, Gold's Brigade

Herring, S. G.

K, 17 Miss. Inf.

Holden, J. W.

F, 2 N C Cav.

Holmes, J. E.

5 Miss. Cav.

Hudgins, Z. T.

G, Jameson's Cavalry

Hufstedler, Ad

I, 10 Tex Inf.

Hufstedler, Cale

I, 10 Tex Inf.

Hufstedler, J. H.

K, 15 Tex Inf.

Jones, John W.

A, 14 S. C. Inf.

Karnes, W. A.

K, 15 Tex Inf.

Kell, M.

A, Frontier Cav.

Kerr, J. F.

C, 32 Tex. Cav.

Killough, A. W.

C, 10 Tex Inf.

Killough, J. H.

C, 10 Tex Inf.

Lancaster, J. R.

A, 19 Ark. Inf.

Lewis, F. G.

Texas Indian Scouts

Manley, J. F.

K, 5 Tex. Cav.

Marrs, W. M.

B, 9 Tex. Cav.

Mason, I. S.

A, 18 Ga. Inf.

McCarley, W. P.

I, 37 Ala. Inf.

McDaniel, G. E.

B, Tex. S S

McDonald, D. W.

C, 1 Ark. Cav.

McElroy, W. J.

H, 22 Miss. Inf.

McGaughy, W. L.


Meredith, J. N.

E, Miss. Art.

Miller, C. J.

D, 12 Tex. Cav.

Miller, L. C.

I, 20 Miss. Inf.

Mills, John R.

G, 18 Tex. Inf.

Moore, C. R.

G, 7 Ala Cav.

Moore, Isaac

H, Ala. Cav.

Morris, Capt. J. R.

B, Waller's Bat., Texas Cavalry

Neely, H. L.

G, 11 Tex. Inf.

Nutt, H. J., Sargent

B, 17 Tenn. Infantry

Peters, Amon

Cathey's Tex. Rangers

Peters, J. H.


Peters, W. F.

I, 31 Tenn. Infantry

Peveler, F. M.

F, Harris' Texas Cavalry

Peveler, J. M.

Capt. Peveler's Co., Morgan's Cavalry Div.

Rhodes, L. E.

Kizer's Scouts

Richards, C. H.

B, 16 Tex. Cavalry

Roberts, G. W.

C, 28 Tex. Cavalry

Roberts, J. H.

D, 11 Ga. Anderson Bat.

Robinett, W. H.

B, 1 Ala. Cavalry

Romine, R. M.

G, 9 Texas Ross Brigade

Sargent, John E.

G, 9 Ga. Cavalry

Schilling, J. G.

D, Madison's Regt., Lane's Brig.

Shannon, W. H.

H, Baber's Cavalry Regiment

Sims, E. K.

B, 25 Va. Cav.

Smith, P. M.

G, 1 Conf. Tenn. Regiment

Smith, S. H.

K, 5 Tex Cav.

Smith, T. P.

I, 23 Ga. Inf.

Smith, W. M.

D, 12 Ala. Cavalry

Stringfellow, J. A.

A, 16 Texas Infantry

Terrell, W. G.

F, Orr's S. C. Regiment

Tidwell, Dallas

B, 29 Texas Cavalry

Tidwell, J. B.

D, 49 Tenn. Infantry

Tittle, R.

Independent Cheroke Cavalry

Vincent, J. M.

E, 4 Tenn. Infantry

Waltrip, G. W.

L, 4 Ala. Cavalry

Weeks, J. W.

D, Poglinac's Regulars

Wharton, C. F.

C, 16 Tex Cav.

Wheeler, A. J.

H, 11 Tex Cav.

White, W. H.

G, 1 Ark Cav.

Whitehead, R. S.

A, 1 Ga. Cav.

Williams, G. P.

1, 21 Tex Inf.

Wilson, Harvey

H, 21 S. C. Infantry

Wood, F. H.

28 La. Regulars

Additionally, on page 3 of the May 1987 Hood County Genealogical Society Newsletter, is a photograph of some of the above Confederate Veterans and a few more that are not in the above listing.

The photograph is courtesy of Odessa Purselley.

Confederate Veterans within this photograph are:

Bills, D. C.

Browning, Aaron

Doyle, J. H.

Gardner, Walt

Holmes, R. H.

Iverson, W. H.

Kerr, Joe

Long, J. L. C.

Morris, Burl

Newman, J. W.

Peters, Amon

Peters, Jim

Whitehead, R. S.


Subject: T. A. Furlow
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 17:49:52 -0800
From: "Preston Furlow" rebel@itexas.net
To: opa@hcnews.com


I'm Preston Furlow. My G-Grandfather was T.A. Furlow. The spelling is a little different than that on the list. If you'd like his whole name, it was Timothy Augustus Furlow.

Thank you for making this list, sir. I and the other reenactors of the 10th Texas Infantry, Co. E, and of Anderson's Battery are very grateful that others here take pride in their heritage and honor their ancestors.


Preston Furlow
E-mail: rebel@itexas.net

Subject: Hood County Confederate Veterans List
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 17:33:22 -0600
From: "Stephen G. Eddleman" eddlemsg@tisd.net
To: granbury@emcee.com

I would like to add my great-grandfathers name to the list of Hood county Confederate veterans. His name was David H. Eddleman he enlisted in CO. C, 10TH TEXAS INFANTRY, Capt. Will Shannon's company. He enlisted Jan. 3, 1862 and was discharged due to physical disability in Louisiana in May 15, 1862.

His brother Asbury F. Eddleman also was in the same company and served throughout the entire war.


Stephen G. Eddleman
Computer Specialist
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Subject: Correction to Web Page Info on John R. Cherry
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001
From: Robert Mayo bobmay 99@yahoo.com
To: virginia@computron.net

Your web-site has a small but important typo regarding my ggg'father John R. Cherry.

He served with the Tenn. 50th Infantry not 5c....a small but important detail that is confirmed by the below info:

Hello Bob,

Found the record of Private John R. Cherry in the two volume set of books, "Tennesseans in the Civil War". This is the same set of books that the Tennessee State Library and Archives use for soldier look-ups. It appears that the 5c is a typo or if your record was hand written, it was poorly written. The 5c is actually a 50.

Private John R. Cherry, 50th Tennessee Infantry, Company "H".

Hope this helps and am afraid this is the only information I could find. The National Archives does not list him on their Index to Roster Records in their holdings. This is very common with Confederate soldiers as most Confederate records were either lost or destroyed during the war.

Good Luck,
Art Freeman
email: art50@mindspring.com

It is important you please correct the on-line information because of the lack of records on many CSA soldiers, the reliance upon such source info and obituaries by descendents for genealogy searches, and reliance upon such info by Hood County Genealogical Society.

Thanks very much,

Robert L. Mayo
Box 980007
Houston, Texas 77098-0007

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