Hood County Texas Genealogical Society

The following information scanned from Hood County Genealogical Society 
Newsletter No. 4, October 1984


M-married; S-single; W- Widow; age; sex;State Born; Father Born; 
Mother Born; Month died; Cause; Doctor

 PR Adams, Elijah	22 m. Single, TX, __   June,   Chronic inflamation
 PR Adams, Elijah                                      of liver. Dr. McCoy

317 Berry, Sarah	23 f. m. Ark. NC, NC   Mar      Consumption in co.
317 Berry, Sarah                                        12 years, Dr. Phenix

120 Bird Sallie		70 f. Wid. MO. MO. MO. Apr.    Diarrhea in co.
120 Bird Sallie                                         3O years Dr. Magness

 PR Borden, George 	m. Tx.                 Jul.    Dinrrhen Dr. McCoy

 79 Cook, Bell          21 f. s. Ind. OH. OH . May     Consumption in co.
 79 Cook, Bell                                         16 mo. Dr. Hanna

323 Dotson, Nora        19 f. m. Tn.Tn.Tn.     Mar      pneumonia in co. 2
323 Dotson, Nora                                        year. Dr. Phoenix

302 Flemming, Willie    10m   Tn. Tn.Tn.       Nov.     Thypoid in co 8
302 Flemming, Willie                                    years Dr. Hanna

237 Faulkner, Perry      2 m. Tx. Mo. Ill      Jun      Flux in co. 2 years.
237 Faulkner, Perry                                               Dr. Hanna

330 Gifford, Jesse      58 m Tn. Tn.Tn.        Aug.     Consumption in co.
330 Gifford, Jesse                                      11 yrs. from Ark.

290 Green, Melvina      39 f m. Mo. Mo.        Mar    Dropsy of heart, in co.
290 Green, Melvina                                    25 vears. Dr. Harna

298 Hammock, Elija      63 m m. Ga. Gn. Ga.    Jun    Congestion of Stomach
298 Hammock, Elija                                    in co. 4 yrs. Dr. Hann;

247 Jarrell, Uria         3 m Tx, Ga. Ga.      June   Block vomit, in co. 8 mo
247 Jarrell, Uria          d in Henderson Co. before family moved to Hood                                             mo.     Dr. Johnson

158 Jones, Sue            35 f. m. Sc.Sc. Sc.   Feb.   Dropsy of chest, in co
158 Jones, Sue                                         6 yr. Dr. Hanna

129 Knepper George        21 m. s. Tn. Tn. Tn. May     Polypus of ear in co.
129 Knepper George                                     3 years Dr. Magness

 8 Langston, Molly           1 f Tx. Tx. Tx.    Feb.   Pneumonia- in co. 2 mo
 8 Langston, Molly                                      Dr. Murray
 8 Langston, Molly           d in Bosque co. before family moved to Hood.

 PR Little, John           30 m. m. Tx.         May    Malarial fever
 PR Little,                                            John Mangum-McCoy

226 Lowe, Theria          34 f. m. Ga. Ga.       Jun   Heart disease - in co.
226 Lowe, Theria                                       7 years. Dr. Hanna

87  McElreath, Minn B.    2 f. Tx. Ga. Ga.       Mar   Accidentally shot. In
87  McElreath, Minn B.                                 Co. 2 yr. McCoy-Hannah

115 McKinney, Mary A.      84 f. wid. NC Ire. Ire Oct  Paralyzed in co. 2 yr.

323 Moore, Sallie J.      28 f. m. In.In.In.      Aug   Childbed fever in co.
323 Moore, Sallie J.                                    2 years. Dr. Hanna

263 Prestage, Safrona       7 f.  Tx. Ms. Ms.     Nov   Inflamation of brain
263 Prestage, Safrona                                   in co. 7 yrs. McCoy

107 Shaw, Ami E.           36 f. Sc. Sc. Sc.      June  Hemnorrhage in co. 1
107 Shaw, Ami E.                                        year. Dr. Hanna

PR  Walters, Munroe         20 m s      Tx         Aug   Inflamation of Brain
PR  Walters, Munroe                                       Dr. McCoy

56 Watson, Sallie            60 f m  Tn  Tn       Apr  Dropsy of chest in 
56 Watson, Sallie                                      Co. 30 Yrs.  Dr Hanna

    Williams, James           35 m m. Mo. MO. Mo. Jan  Pneumonia in Co 14
    Williams, James                                     years  Dr. McCoy

Note:  Drs. Murray, Johnson, Magness, Phoenix
       Could not see the doctor to get reports on 4 of the above cases
Murray and Johnson live in other counties. Magness lived in North part  of County

The following information taken from Hood County Genealogical Society
Newsletter No. 5, February 1985

129 Arnold                6/12 m TX       Aug  Whooping Cough  C.F. Rogers

 15 Burton, Clifford E.   2/12 m TX MS GA Mar   Deformity J.S. Poyner

133 Cook, J.T.             15  m Tx NC TN  Apr  Lightening in co 6 yrs

130 Compton                 3  m MO       Sept  Whooping Cough  Dr. C.F. Rogers

    Dungan               W  80 f Tx       May   Senile debility

102 Foster, Livine A     M  36 f Tn TN TN Jan  Pneumonia, in co. 15 yrs
102 Foster, Livine A                           Dr. Lancaster

106 Holt, James              86 m GA       Sep  Senile Debility in co 11 yrs
106 Holt, James                                  C.F. Rogers

131 Lutrell, A.J.        M  46 m AK TN TN  Oct  Pneumonia Dropsy 1n Co. 2 yrs
131 Lutrell, A.J.                                C.F. Rogers

34  Martin, C.M.            3/12 m TX IL IL May  Hives

18  Mitchell, J.W.       M   61 m VA VA VA   Mar Pnuemonia in Co. 20 yrs
18  Mitchell, J.W.                                 Dr. West

   Maxwell, Reuben       S   19 m TX              Purpure Hemmorege J, Riddle

18  Mitchell, Alanzo B.      5/12 m TX VA AK  May  Hemorage of Bowels

114 Williams, Lafayette  S   19 m AL SC GA    Apr  Pneumonia 2 yrs in Co
114 Williams, Lafayette                            Rodgers

114 Williams, Malinde     W   52 f GA SCOT   Apr   C.F. Rogers 2 yrs in Co.

145 Yeats, Missouri        M  23 f TX        Apr   Pleurisy

PR  Yeats, John                1/12 m TX      May   C.F. Rogers

Notes: Dugan & Maxwell did not live in Hood County.
Remarks: I have taken some pains to come to all the deaths correctly and after obtaining 
all the information I could elsewhere, applied to Dr. Fogers and obtained 
 information of three deaths that otherwise would not have been returned, 
two of which their families not in my district. /S/ J.M. Rawlins                              

Following information scanned from Hood County Genealogical 
Society Newsletter No. 6;  May 1985


M-married; S-single; W- Widow; age; sex;State Born; Father Born; 
Mother Born; Month died; Cause; Doctor

 76 Boswell, Thomas S 42 m AL        NC     TN    Sep Brain Congestion
 76 Boswell, Thomas                               2 Years in County

155 Brown Ids            1/12 f TX   MS     Ak    Feb Croup 
155 Brown Ids                                       Dr.McCarty

 25 Estes, Guy W.        9/12m TX    VA     AL    Feb Croup             
 25 Estes, Guy W.                        6months in Co Kelsly
35 Gee, Florence H.      S 21 f AK    AK     AK    Jul Poison           
35 Gee, Florence H.                       10 yrs in Co  Mangum

  6 Hathcox              lday m TX   TX     SC    Jun unknown

 80 Howell               l/12f TX    GA     GA    Feb unknnwn

85 Johnson,             M 27 f AL     AL     AL      May unknown      
      Elizabeth C.                   6 yrs in Co.       McCarty

109 Macy, Nancy E.       1/12f TX    GA     Tn    Jul Irisepules

109 Macy, Nancy E.                                  Mangum

  7 McCrary, Jno. A. S   25 m TX     NC     NC    May Injury to brain
  7 McCrary, Jno. A.              25 yrs in Co.         Mangun

  7 McCrary, Sarah A.    30 f MO     NC     NC    May Typhoid 
  7 McCrary, Sarah A.             27 yrs in Co Mangum & Magness 

 64 McPherson,          1/12 f Tx    AK    TX    Feb unknown

 65 Peacock, Otis        4 m TX      LA     GA    Jan Remitten fever 
 65 Peacock, Otis                         3 months in Co.

 65 Peacock, William M 42 m LA     SC     SC    Mar Dropsy of legs
					 1 month in county

134 Pevy,                1/12m TX    IN     No    Oct Flux

143 Pinson, John     M   44 m GA     SC     SC    Mar Pneumonia
143 Pinson, John                   37 yrs in Co.      Mangum&McCarty

  1 Riley, John      M   30 m GA    Ga    GA    Feb    Pneumonia
  1 Riley, John                    21 yrs in Co.      Doyle

 93 Robinson, John J.  M   29 m MS     TN     GA    Feb Pneumonia
 93 Robinson, John J.        28 yrs in county       Mangum

130 Rogers, Clairrienza      1/12 TX    AL     Al    Jan Spasms

43 Schottt,  Rachel C. M 23 f TN       TN     TN  Jan Typhoid
43 Schottt,  Rachel C.       2 years in county   Dr. Mangum

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