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1883 Report of G.W. Durrett, Justice of the Peace, Hood County, Texas

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The State of Texas )          In District Court, March Term 1883
County of Hood     )

                             To the Hon. T. L. Nugent, Judge of
the District Court the undersigned G. W. Durrett Justice of the
Peace in and for Hood County precinct No. 6 most respectfully
presents the following as his report. He has rendered judgments
for fines against

Ist The State of Texas )     For Cussing and Swearing and using
            Vs         )     Indescent Language near a private 
    E. B. Hilbun       )     residence fine $1.00

Judgment 26th day of December 1887


2nd The State of Texas  )     Disturbance near private house the                              
        vs              )     said parties appeared before me for
    Robt Keith          )     trial 22 day of January 1883 and after
    John Chambers       )     hearing the witnesses rendered judgment
    Allen Hightower     )     in each case against defendants $1.00                                               

3rd The State of Texas  )       Disturbance near a private residence
           vs           )       after being arrested before trial came
     G. H. Boon         )       forward and plead guilty.

Justice fined defendant, trial being set for 24th day of February
1883. Judgment found $2.5O


No.4 The State of Texas )        The case being reported to Justice 
           vs           )        for disturbance in a public place
       G. H. Boon       )        and near a residence by cursing and
                                 swearing, defendant come forward &
plead guilty to the charge 26th day of Feb 1887 fined $2.50

The above fines have been collected and paid over to Treasurer
of this Hood County all of which is respectfully submitted.

                                           G. W. Durrett, J.P. and
Precinct No. 6                      Exofficio Notary Public HCT

March the ______ AD 1883
Filed this 19 March 1883 F. P. Morgan, Clerk D C Hood Co., Texas

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