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"A" BRIDES, Hood County Marriages

SPARKMAN, J. C. 1886 C/125 (323)
WOMACK, D, S. Abbott(Mrs)M. C. 21July1885 C/079 (341)
SINDER, J. L. Abbott, Dovie 14Oct.1897 D/294 (012)
HATFIELD, W.H. Abbott, L.G. 10Mar.1885 C/072 (219)
MARTIN, Levi Abbott, Margaret I 20Ap1.1881 B/160 (021)
ANDERSON, J.L. Abbott, N.J. 9Oct.1876 A/109 ( 1)
SHAW, J. T. Abbott, S. Kate 18Dec.1889 C/234 (012)
LILES, T. B. Abbott, V. S. 8May 1895 D/181 (253)
LILLY, W. E. Abel, Ada Lee 10Jan.1897 D/262(012)
PEARSON, W. A. Abel, Nancy 13Ap1.1875 A/009 (056)
CURL, Walter Adams, Belle 26June1892 D/052 (051)
LAMB, Charles Adams, Catherine T, 1July1877 A/192 (037)
WELLS, C. M. Adams, Eliza 28NOv.1889 C/233 (012)
GALLIHANE, G. Adams, G.A, 9July1885 C/078 (NR)*'
MATHEWS, Boston Adams, Josie 27Mar.1895 D/178 (029)
CUMMINGS, J. W. Adams, L. T. 18Dec,1887 C/167 (069)
RIDGEWAY,A. H. Adams, M. E. 27June1880 B/089 (102)
KENNON, Thos. ADams, Melissa 19Aug.1886 C/123 (240)
WILLIAMS, T. B. Adams, Mildred Patra 20Nov.1896 D/251 (012)
YOUNG, T. M. Addison, Louvenia 30Jan.1896 D/198 (021)
NUNN, J.H. Adkins, H. A. 29NOv.1877 A/206 (024)
HALL, C.R. Admire,(?) Rosa 24Jan.1892 D/039(058)
SIMPLER, J. L. Aekin, Missouri 31July1881 B/180 (087)
BRIT, Hubbard Ake, Jane 17July1878 A/231 (020)
SPANGLER, M. I. Allen, Laura 27Ap1.1891 D/003 (012)
DANIEL, W. B. Allen, Lou 24July1881 B/177 (012)
THOMASON, E.B. Allen, Peaul 30Jan.1896 D/199 (330)
BRADY, Chas. A. Allgood, M.A. 23Dec.1883 C/025 (037)
ADDISON, G.W. Allison, Eliza 20Mar,1890 C/246 (14)
MURDOCK, R. F. Allison, Elizabeth 6Dec.1892 D/072 (023)
McCLUNG, George M. Allison, Linnie 9Aug.1897 D/285 (022)
COONEY, J. H. Allison, V. R, 24Nov,1892 D/070 (149)
ALLISON,H.L. Allison,Rebecca 4Jan.1883 B/280 (25)
GARNER, Alexander Almond, Lizzie  3Dec.1879 B/056 (039)

On your listings for G Grooms, Hood County Marriages, there is an error.

Garner, Alexander married ATWOOD, Lizzie not ALMOND, 3 Dec 1879 B/056 ( 039 )

These are my Great Grand Parents. Posted 20 August 2007

Herb Kast Herb333@comcast.net
GUTHRIE, J.F. Alsup, Lettie 3Dec.1892 D/071 (040)
LANE, J, H. Anders, A. B. 17Aug.1884 C/050 (080)
JEFFRESS, R. P. Anders, Callie 21Mar.1888 C/176 (070)
STEEL, P. J. Anderson(Mrs) N. J. 2June1887 C/151 (325)
YANTIS, G. R. Anderson, Birdie 13Aug.1897 D/286 (016)
SHANNON, G. R. Anderson, E. G. 16June1881 B/164 (194)
 HUNTER, J. T. Anderson, Susie  27Aug.1896 D/243 (132)
BAUGH, W.E. Andrews, C.B. 23Spt.1880 B/1O1 (NR)*'
BIRD, M.D. Archer, Delitha 12Nov,1893 D/113 (12)
McADOO, Joseph C. Armstrong, Denlma  3Jan.1878 A/217 (258)
LOWE, Wm. W. Armstrong, Jennie 26Dec.1889 C/235 (069)
JOHNSON, L. N. Armstrong, Leona 17Jan.1880 B/133 (037)
NORRIS, V. W. Armstrong, M. A. 20Aug.1899 D/378 (229)
JONES,D. G. Armstrong, Milie 16Ap1.1896 D/226 (046)
LITTLE, A. J. Armstrong, Sarah J. 12Dec.1875 A/047 (165)
ADDISON, I.C. Arnold, Ada 16Mar.1890 C/246 (14)
WILLIAMSON, S. J. Arnold, F. S. 29Aug.1894 D/147 (094)
STALCUP, W. J. Arrington, Emma 24June1888 C/184 (084)
WILLIAMS, L. J. Arrington, H. L 14Oct.1875 A/039 (169)
RICHARD, Joseph Arrington, Lucretia 7Aug.1895 D/193 (201)
WILLIAMS, J. M. Arrington, Nancy A. llJan.1877 A/144 ( )
 HUFFSTUTLER, J. H, Arrington, Sudie 23Dec.1894 D/169 (084)
WHITE, A.P. Arrinston, Minnie 3July1895 D/186 (316)
GRIFFIN, T.T. Aston, Belle 19Jan.1895 D/167 (038)
LANE, S. W. Aterberry, R. L. 12Ap1..1896 D/225 (248)
PATTON, J. E. Atkins, A. V. 22Oct.1882 B/263 (128)
GREGORY, G.S. Atkins, Cordia 24Dec.1884 C/066 (128)
LYLE, H. E. Atkins, E. E. 27 Aug.1876A/108 (002)
McCARTY, E. F. Atkins, L. S. 13June1880 B/084 (024)
COOKE, J. A. Atkins, Rosalie E. 18Mar.1876 A/088 (020)
GREGORY, W.L. Atwood, Ella 23Jan.1898 D/312 (208)
JOHNSON, J. H. Atwood, Roxie 28Dec.1891 D/033 (001)
THRASH, R. E. Austin, Maggie 15May 1892 D/048 (119)
BUSSELL, J.B. Austin, Mary J. 20Spt.1885 C/087 (001)
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