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"P-Q" BRIDES, Hood County Marriages

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

McCREARY, R. W.	Page, Mattie L.	18Dec.1894 D/166 (060)
BATES, J.L,	Painter, (Mrs.)K.L,	9Feb.1888 C/173 (69)
McCRAW, Robert	Painter, Cora	29Spt.1895 D/194 (069)
FURLOW, T.A.	Painter, Cyntha C.	14Aug.1887 C/157 (015)
POWELL, Samuel S.	Painter, Gertrude	9Oct.1887 C/162 (084)
TIMMIN, J. W.	Parkens, A. A.	7Spt.1884 C/049 (041)
KEITH, Robert	Parker, Annie	26Dec.1878 A/286 (020)
ASTON, Andy C.	Parker, I.D.	15Feb.1883 B/289 (13)
GIBSON, S.L.	Parkinson, A. E.	22June1887 C/153 (001)
ATWOOD, W.M.	Parkinson, Addie	21Dec.1892 D/075 ( 1)
WALDRUP, R. L.	Parks, Eva	23FEb.1899 D/362 (029)
WHARTON, C. E.	Parsley, Minnie	12FEb.1899 D/360 (027)
BLAKE, S.A.	Partink E.A.	23Dec.1880 B/125 (12)
GAMBLE, R.F.	Parton, Emma	1Spt.1886 C/123 (104)
MARTIN, John J,	Pate, Dovie	19Oct.1898 D/338 (139)
BARBEE, W.B.	Pate, Mary	10Spt.1885 C/086 (38)
DAVIDSON, Calvin	Patterson, Clara	23Feb.1876 A/067 (020)
HEATHINGTON, B, C.	Patterson, Della 	Aug.1893 D/103 (023)
RUSSELL, H. D.	Patterson, Henrietta	13June1886 C/112 (023)
RHEA, P. V. Jr	Patterson, Mary	8Jan.1889 C/201 (029)
ROLLINS, Jordon F	Patterson,(Mrs) M.M.	28July1898 D/327 (138)
BROWN,B.E.	Payne, May	23May1895 D/162 (039)
BROWN,B.E.	Payne, May	23May 1895 D/183 (039)
FOSTER, Hugo H.	Payton, Hattie J.	15Jan.1899 D/359 (164)
MILLER, J. W.	Peacock, Alice	24Spt.1893 D/108 (236)
WILLIAMS, Rice	Peacock, Gussie	28Jan.1887 C/143 (056)
LEITCH, D. L.	Pearce, Eliza	6Jan.1895 D/169 (084)
RYLEE (?),Charley	Pearce, Lucy	24DEc.1899 D/405 (028)
JACKSON, C, H,	Peel, S. I.	1Feb.1883 B/287 (111)
FORD, J.T.	Pells, J.M.	25July1878 A/252 (013)
POWELL, C. Y.	Pelts, C. C.	1Spt.1884 C/049 (031)
HOLDER, J. A.	Pelts, F. J.	11Dec.ll80 B/113 (194)
DILLARD, W.L.	Pender, Maggie	17Aug,1892 D/060 (039)
MAYBERRY, J. L.	Peoples, M. J,	20Spt.1896 D/245 (061)
 HOWELL, M. W.	Peoples, S. J.	10Spt.1893 D/104 (162)
SMITH, G, M.	Perry, Annie	20Oct.1898 D/338 (066)
BROOKS, Young	Perry, Emma	18Aug,1891 D/015 (110)
SCARBOROUGH, JohnE.	Perry, M. A.	14Dec.1884 C/064 (031)
POWELL, John R.	Perry, R. E.	22Feb.1891 D/014 (038)
NEWSOM, D. L.	Person, Armentry	24Oct.1875 A/041 (280)
GAUNTT, E.L.	Peters, Ada	14Jan.1892 D/038 (196)
GIDDIE, J.M.	Peters, Addie	24Dec.1896 D/257 (175)
WRIGHT, H. L.	Peters, Amy	8Mar.1896 D/220 (012)
PERKINS,Geo. W.	Peters, Annie	24Dec.1890 C/281 (012)
PERKINS,M. C.	Peters, F. M.	1Dec.1881 B/202 (012)
KENNON, G. W.	Peters, Lizzie	16Nov.1890 C/273 (005)
ABERCROMBIE, R.:H.	Peters, Mary 	23 Dec.1888C/199 ( 5)
HOLDEN, E. B.	Peters, Mollie	12Ap1.1894 D/135 (009)
GRISHAM, I.N.	Peters,Ida M,	13Jan.1881 B/139 (105)
HILL, JEff	Petilleo, Harriet 	5Nov.1882 B/267 (003)
MOON, Burgess	Peveler, Eugenia E.	21June1878 A/244 (146)
YOUNG, A. B.	Peveler, Fannie	3Jan.1882 B/214 (012)
SCOTT, H. R.	Peveler, Lola	31Dec.1899 D/407 (012)
ALFORD, C.M.	Peveler, Lula	12Jan.1899 D/358 (19)
MIDDLETON, A. C,	Peveler, Mattie	llDEc.1887 C/166 (012)
DALEY, Z. W.	Phelps, Catherin 	4Spt.1879 B/038 (087)
PHARR, J. A.	Phenix, HarYiet L.	21Mar.1880 B/075 (022)
WALKER,J. T.	Phenix, Stella M.	21Feb.1890 C/243 (147)
WHITE,C. T.	Philley, Alice	3Mar.1895 D/177 (005)
MILLER, A, J.	Pickens, Lena L.	30NOv.1890 C/286 (012)
WEEKS, B. F.	Pierce, Linnie	14Dec.1898 D/349 (066)
SIMMS, J. M.	Piles, Abigail	26Aug.1880 B/093 (031)
SMITH, R. J.	Pilkington, Jarusha	27Mar.1898 D/318 (319)
NAPIER, Charles T.	Pitman, Willie E.	8Jan.1899 D/356 (276)
ROBERSON, J. W.	Poe (?), E, T.	10Jan.1879 A/287 (105)
JONES, John W.	Poe, Cynthia	7Dec.1881 B/203 (012)
MORRISON, C. M.	Poe, L. F.	9Jan.1881 B/138 (145)
SIMS, E. K.	Poe, Sarah A.	19Aug.1886 C/122 (038)
KNOX, Lon	Porter, Pear,	10Dec.1896 D/031 (029)
DAVIS, J.E.	Pounds, R.E.	17July1898 D/326 (164)
LONG, R.	Pounsey, Ann	12Aug.1883 C/015 (011)
 HUFFSTEDLER, John D. 	Powell, Callie	21Nov.1897 D/302 (152)
BILLS, D.R.W.	Powell, George Ann	23Nov.1890 C/274 (84)
ECHOLS, John R,	Powell, Lovada A. 	6Spt.1893 D/104 (181)
KINN, J. C.	Powell, M. F.	12Oct.1884 C/054 (031)
BREWER, J.H.	Powell, Maggie	18July1897 D/281 (066)
BATCHELOR, W.T.	Powell, Mary A.	17Spt.1885 C/086 (21)
GARTRELL, H.B.	Powell,(Mrs) Mattie C.	2Aug.1883 C/013 (080)
PRESCOTT, G. W.	Powell,Mary Getrude	28Ap1.1892 D/049 (069)
BAKER, J.E.	Powncy, A.	6June1887 C/151 ( 7)
McCRAW, Alex	Prean, Lou	Aug.1884 C/044 (260)
FALLIN,M.L,	Prescott, S.M.	17Jan.1895 D/170 (016)
JOHNSON, J. W.	Prestidge, Julia	12July1891 D/012 (007)
WEST, John H.	Prestridge, Sarah E. 	28Jan.1886 C/103 (041)
SHELTON, Stephen	Price, H. E.	15Spt.1881 B/187 (001)
PRICE, H. L.	Price, Lydia	30May 1886 C/11O (118)
DILLINGHAM, J.L.	Price, Rosa	19Aug.1889 C/223 (139)
BREWER, J.J.	Price,(Mrs)Nannie	18Aug.1885 C/985 (058)
McMILLAN, J. M.	Prichard, Rena	28Dec.1884 C/067 (038)
ANDERSON, Woods	Prince,Ruthy	18Jan.1875 A/013
GREGORY, John	Proffitt, Ann	27Dec.1891 D/032 (101)
WYCKOFF, George R.	Proffitt, Martha A.	6Mar.1891 D/042 (046)
DRUM, F.M.	Proffitt, Urbana	14Dec.1892 D/073 (101)
MORGAN, H. M.	Pruitt, M. A.	7Mar.1875 A/085 (024)
TURNER, J. H.	Pugh, Mazana	22Jan.1893 D/081 (009)
HASTAND, (?)Howard	Pulatti,(Mrs)Bell	26June1887 C/154 (218)
PARSONS, C. A.	Purcelly, S. L,	26Mar.1899 D/365 (148)
PARLEY, Willie	Purselley, OlliePearl 	25Ap1.1897 D/272 (168)
MATTOX, Jesse	Purselly, R. A.	27July1893 D/098 (082)
GATEWOOD, C.L.	Pyles, Mary	9Jan.1883 B/281 (102)
PARKER, Henry	Quarles,(Mrs)Elizabeth 	5May 1877 A/167 (020)
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