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"R" BRIDES, Hood County Marriages

ALEXANDER, W.H.	Raburn, M.A.	31Mar.1895 D/178 (18)
FOSTER, Geo. W.	Raifsnider, Georgia	31July1898 D/327 (088)
GUNTER, W.C.	Ramsay, H.P.	5July1893 D/096 (181)
WATSON, G. R.	Ramsay, M. A.	24June1894 D/143 (157)
ROBERSON, J. J.	Ramsey, M. R.	30Dec.1894 D/164 (069)
HUTCHISON, O.R.	RANDELL, S. E.	9June1878 A/243 (010)
CLEVELAND, J. F.	Randle, Maggie K.	23Dec.1888 C/199 (092)
OLDHAM, William T.	Rash, Cynthia A.	16Mar.1876 A/090 (024)
LUSK, V. H.	Rash, Mollie	22May 1879 B/015 (257)
KELLEY, W. S.	Rassier, Laura	28Dec.1875 A/051 (020)
BLAKE, Jo	Ratillo, Emily	19Dec,1878 A/283 (45)
 HOWETH, W. T.	Ratliff, Fannie	1Nov.1896 D/248 (061)
McCARTY, Leonidas	RAtliff, Modenna 	I4FEb. 1897 D/277 (115)
CLARK, B. F.	Rawlings, Attie V. 	2Nov.1884 C/059 (003)
FORD, W.P.	Rawls, N.M.	10Feb.1896 D/219 (021)
HINDS, G. L,	Ray, M. E.	5Aug.1886 C/120 (153)
BROWN, S.J.	Ray, Tilulah	21June1887 C/153 (007)
STEWART, I. A.	Rayburn, Cassie	llAug.1886 C/121 (037)
BRILEY, G.R.	Rayburn, Theodoria: . 	2June1881 B/165 (001)
YANCY, S. D.	Rayburn, Willie Ellen 	27Dec.1896 D/259 (253)
HICKEY, James	Rayburn,(Mrs)Mary A.	3July1883 C/008 (001)
COCH, Wm. S.	Real, Darcus	27Nov.1879 B/055 (141)
THURMAN, H. B.	Reeder, Arizona	10July1875 A/022 (032)
SIMMONS, C. C.	Reese, Emma L.	GJune 1886 C/111 (039)
PUGH, W. C.	Reese, S. J.	6Feb.1879 A/298 (020)
McGUIRE, Reubin	Reichstetter Nettie	9June1893 D/092 (089)		
LILLY, R. D.	Reid, E. A.	26Nov.1893 D/116 (012)
BUSBY, Henry	Renfro, Minnie	9July1876 A/100 (123)
LINTHICUM, J. J	Renfrow, Minnie	24May 1891 D/008 (003)
SHIRLEY, W. A.	Renfrow, Pinkie	10July1896 D/235 (012)
JACKSON, S. E.	Rentfrow, Addie 4Aug.	1895 D/191 (132)
BLEVINS, John	Rentfrow, S,A.	17July1887 C/156 (92)
STEWART, T. M.	Reynolds, R. F.	12Aug.1893 D/1O1 (114)
MILHOLLIN, Robt.Lee 	Reynolds,Annie Belle	12Aug.1894 D/145 (269)
BELL, G,C.	Rhea, (Mrs,)M.F.	29Ap1.1894 D/136 (39)
WHITAKER, M.	Rhea, Fannie	25Dec.1899 D/403 (029)
WALLACE,T. D.	Rhea, Laura	13Jan.1889 C/202 (029)
ADAMS, Geo. F.	Rhea, Mary E. 	12July1883 C/O11 (11)
ALLEN, James	Rhodes, A.D.	8Jan.1879 A/282 (21)
FOSTER, R.T., Jr.	Rhodes, Lula	6Feb.1895 D/174 (094)
CARMICHAEL, J.G.	Rhodes, Nannie R,	18Mar.1890 C/247 (023)
McCLESKY, J. H.	Rhodes, S.A.	llMar.1876 A/089 (020)
HELMS, C. D.	Rhodes, Savannah I.	22Dec.1880 B/123 (021)
MADDOX, Jno. B.	Rice, Mary J.	24Spt.1885 C/088 (136)
BURNETT, Ellis	Rich, Ollie	23Dec.1886 C/138 (012)
ULMER, J. W.	Rich,(Mrs)Nancy E.	21May 1884 C/03 (058)
BASKET, James	Richards, Bettie 	5July1878 A/228 (68)
ELLIS, S.F.	Richards, Eliza C,	llSpt.1880 B/098 (NR)"
BANKSTON, H.	Richards, FAnnie	llFeb.1886 C/104 (58)
CHILIS, William L.	Richardson, Ella E. 	28Aug.1880 B/096 (NR)**
BARTON, A.	Richardson, L.E.	21Dec.1882 B/273 (63)
RENFROW, J. R.	Richauds, Belle	20July1889 C/220 (012)
TANKERSLEY, W. L.	Ricketts, Mary B.	23Dec.1879 B/061 (001)
MOORE, J. V.	Ridgeway, Maude	22Oct.1899 D/386 (028)
TIDWELL, M. B.	Rigney, Scindy	7Oct,1894 D/151 (333)
TAYLOR, James	Rigsby, Fannie	4Spt.1899 D/381 (328)
SADLER, Steven	Ring, Allice	10July1881 B/171 (013)
ANDERSON, A.B.	Ring, Francis	6Spt.1882 B/257 (13)
COORE, W. B.	Ring, Lou	6Spt.1882 B/256 (013)
CAMPBELL, D.W.	Rinhardt, Bill	16Mar.1883 B/294 (093)
SEARS, Walter B.	Rippetoe, Mary F.	31July1898 D/328 (088)
BLAIR, F.C.	Rippetoe, Minnie L.	31July1898 D/328 (88)
ABELL, M.A.	Roach Emma	1Feb.1891 C/287 ( 4)
POE, W. C.	Roach, A. A.	25Nov.1877 A/205 (298)
BULMAN, R.N.	Roach, Mary A.	15Nov.1899 D/394 (119)
GREEN, T.P.	Robberds(Roberts?)Mary 	7Aug.1898 D/329 (206)
HASTINGS, J, B.	Robbins, Jossie	30Spt.1885 C/089 (001)
FAY, B.F.	Roberson(Mrs) E.V,	19Nov.1884 C/959 (087)
BILLINGSLY, H.C.	Roberson, Dora	15Ap1.1896 D/225 (82)
GUNTER, J.C.	Roberson, Louisa	29Mar.1878 A/236 (014)
TILLY, T. F.	Roberson,(Mrs)M. A.	14Aug.1886 C/121 (NR)**
DOBKINS, W.C.	Roberts, J.E.	20June1889 C/217 (012)
COLUMBIA, John L.	Roberts, Martha Jane 	4Aug,1876 A/103 (146)
EUBANKS, A.	Robertson, Alice	27May 1885 C/075 (012)
RHEA, James	Robertson, Mary	6Jan.1876 A/061 (020)
WILSON, J. B,	Robertson, May E.	3June1888 C/182 (050)
MAXWELL, J. C.	RobeYts, Ida	24Dec.1887 C/168 (267)
SAUNDERS, M. D.	Robinson(Mrs) N. C.	23Nov.1897 D/303 (116)
KEMP, W. F.	Robinson, M. A.	17June1876 A/098 (NR)'*
WHEELER, J. H.	Robinson, M. M.	12July1884 C/042 (281)
SMITH, B.	Robinson, Theodocious 	25Dec.l883 C/026 (023)
YOUNG, Tommie	Rodgers, Dink	17Oct.1899 D/388 (028)
TIDWELL, W. C.	Rodgers, Sallie	1Jan.1893 D/076 (059)
BELLAH,O.H.	Rogers, E.J.	9Jan.1880 B/134 (74)
TUTT, Milton	Rogers, Laura	19Aug.1895 D/191 (012)
JORDAN, Simeon	Rogers, M. L.	31Aug.1879 B/037 (022)
BROCK, J.H.	Roggers,S.A.E.	18Mar.1875 A/010 (022)
LEE,Ed	Rosser, Mary	21Mar.1875 A/015 (007)
NEELY, R. A.	Row, N. J.	10Spt.1876 A/11O (263)
CRUMP, A. J.	Rozell, Lizzie	20Dec.1896 D/256 (157)
REESE, Judge	Rucker, Anica	6Nov.1889 C/231 (059)
OWENS, Charles	Rucker, Della	18Dec.1890 C/278 (059)
WATERS, L. A.	Rucker, Judie	29Jan.1895 D/171 (035)
TURNER,R. W.	Rucker,Laura	24Spt.1893 D/103 (335)
VANZANDT, J. A.	Ruff,(Mrs) Ida	30Nov.1894 D/159 (084)
HALE, M.R.	Runnels(Mrs)Americus 	23Nov.1876 A/128 (087)
TEMPLE, James A.	Runnels, Amanda	14Jan.1878 A/226 (
MARTIN, Sol. F.	Runnels, M. A.	9Aug.1877 A/183 (021)
LEFFEL, G. L.	Runnels, Mary A.	11Oct.1877 A/198 (021)
DODSON, Soloman	Ruskin, Mary Lebany	28Feb.1875 A/084 (169)
WALLS, R. B.	Russel, L. M.	9Oct.1898 D/336 (162)
CASE, J;H.	Russel, M.E.	27Dec.1887 C/170 (135)
YARBROUGH, C. C.	Russell, Allie	24Oct.1895 D/195 (040)
TIDWELL, W. B.	Russell, E. M.	18Dec.1890 C/277 (096)
COLEEIAN, Henry	Russell, Martha 	1Ap1.1879 B/008 (024)
TRACY, J. W.	Russell, Mollie	14Feb.1895 D/175 (016)
TIDWELL, J. A.	Russell, U. B.	7Spt.1890 C/263 (096)
GRIGGS, Ben	Rylee, Frances	25Au9.1878 A/262 (043)
KNIGHT, S. L.	Rylee, M, L.	29June1879 B/026 (020)
COLEMAN, J. L.	Rylee, Tennessee B.	10Feb.1881 B/152 (102)
WILLIAMS,I. H,	Ryler, Narcissa	24Spt.1876 A/114 (024)
WILLIAMS, Richard	Ryles, Ollie	24DEc.1880 B/128 (013)

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