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"D" GROOMS, Hood County Marriages

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

DABNEY., Z. B.       Benton, (Mrs) Lou    27Dec.1894 D/163 (016)
DALEY, Z. W.         Phelps, Catherin      4Spt.1879 B/038 (087)
DANIEL, R. C.        Cunningham,(Mrs)M. J. 5Dec.1886 C/134 (104)
DANIEL, W. B.        Allen, Lou           24July1881 B/177 (012)
DANIELS, M. A.       Maberry, N. L.        80ct.1899 D/387 (360)
DANIELS, R.C.       Maxwell, Josphine     230ct.1892 D/066 (079)
DANIELS, W.B.       Hoodenpyle, M.B.      280ct.1894 D/152 (162)
DANLEY, H.D.        Wells, Annie          160ct,1890 C/269 (069)
DAUGHERTY, J,M.     Middleton, Sarah E.   25July1875 A/023 (032)
DAUGHERTY, L.W.     Counts, Pemilia       25Ap1.1891 D/004 (012)
DAVENPORTIJ.E.      Smith, Lillie         16Ap1.1890 C/249 (063)
DAVIDSON, Calvin    Patterson, Clara      23Feb.1876 A/067 (020)
DAVIDSON, D.E.      Marksbury, CoYa       20Aug.1886 C/122 (151)
DAVIDSON, J,L.      Shirley, Henrietta    21Spt.1884 C/052 (012)
DAVIDSON, M,W.M.    Humphries, Susan      25May 1875 A/083 (020)
DAVIDSON, Samuel    Jerres, Sallie A.     26Ap1.1878 A/260 (020)
DAVIS, C.H.         Cleveland, Annie       3July1892 D/053 (059)
DAVIS, Dick         Hightower, Allie      13July1887 C/155 (012!
DAVIS, J.E.         Pounds, R.E.          17July1898 D/326 (164)
DAVIS, J.W.L.       Cavitt, Ella          17Jan.1894 D/131 (162)
DAVIS, Spence       Fisher, Willie        220ct.1894 D/150 (016)
DAVIS, T.J.         Smith, Roxie          13July1890 C/258 (041)
DAVIS, W.B.         Lingo, Sallie         23Jan.1879 A/292 (031)
DAVIS, Watt         Davis, Julia          28Nov.1875 A/046 (165)
DAWSON, K.J.        Casity, Mattie P.     280ct.1883 C/020 !031)
DAWSON, R.H.        Burns,(?) Clara       13FEb.1877 A/151 (045)
DEASON, J.S.        WAde, A.E.            llJuly1892 D/055 (059)
DEERING, W.K.       Searcy, Cynthia       22Nov.1891 D/025 (023)
DELLAHUNTY, O.C.    Dellahunty, S,G.      26Jan.1879 A/294 (013)
DENICNX (?),G,L.    deSpain, Emma         26Feb.1882 B/222 (003)
DENNIS, J.B.        Chadwick, LIzzie L.   25DEc,1890 C/280(005)
DENNIS, J.K.        Dodson, S.A.           2Aug.1896 D/239 (115)
DENNIS, W.B.        Maxwell, Helen        23Ap1.1899 D/367 (012)
DENSON, W.H.        Holmes, L.N.           6Jan.1884 C/027 (041)
DENT, John          TAnkersley, T.M.      23Dec.1875 A-056 (166)
DILLARD, A.L.       Hudgins, Mintie        7Feb.1897 D/265 (150)
Dillard, J.R.       Kelly, Elizabeth      23Jan.1895 D/171 (167)
DILLARD, John L.    Smith, S.E.           12Spt.1877 A/190 (068)
DILLARD, W.L.       Pender, Maggie        17Aug,1892 D/060 (039)
DILLINGHAM, J.L.    Price, Rosa           19Aug.1889 C/223 (139)
DOBBS, Jonathan     Miller, Mary E.       20Dec.1891 D/030 (084)
DOBKINS, W.C.       Roberts, J.E.         20June1889 C/217 (012)
DODSON, C.B.        Moon, L.M.            30June1878 A/249 (020)
DODSON, R.E.        Barnett, Ada           60ct.1889 C/227 (127)
DODSON, Soloman     Ruskin, Mary Lebany   28Feb.1875 A/084 (169)
DONALDSON, J.O.     Mizell, Mollie         9Spt.1891 D/019 (038)
DONALDSON, W,C.    Moore, Emma            30Aug.1891 D/017 (038)
DOOLEY, C.M.        Newman, Sallie A.      1Nov.1898 D/341 (056)
DOSS, E.M.          Clark, FAnnie E.      17Mar.1889 C/208 (021)
DOSS, J.V.          Brown,(Mrs) M.B.      230ct.1881 B/197 (012)
DOSS, W.D.          Dodson, Leona         18Dec.1885 C/097 (012)
DOSS, Walter        Giles, Sallie         16June1889 C/217 (170)
DOSTER, W.J.        Huffstutler, Mattie   23Jan.1890 C/241 (097)
DOUGLASS, A.        Stewart, Ella          8Jan.1888 C/171 (172)
DOYLE, Jas. W.      Stringfellow, Mary K. 28Dec.1879 B/064 (003)
DREW, Joe H.        Williamson(Mis) M.E.  190ct.1884 C/056 (NR)*'
DRISKILL, W.H.      Zachary, Tisha        15Mar.1883 C/002 (041!
DRUM, F.M.          Proffitt, Urbana      14Dec.1892 D/073 (101)
DRUMAN, James       Branch, Laurie        26Aug.1875 A/031 (022)
DRURY, J.D.         Brooks, M.A.          27June1878 A/247 (091)
DUCKETT, J.A.       Jackson, N.J.          2Nov.1876 A/118 (153)
DUCKETT, J.A.       Fletcher, Mary        25July1897 D/282 (175)
DUDLEY, J. T        Marksbury, Ada         3May 1883 C/003 (176)
DUDLEY, P.K.        Casey, America M.     16June1877 A/171 (NR)**
DUDLEY, W.R.        Lawson, Cinda         15Spt.1897 D/291 (069)
DUKE, G.W.          Tidwell, Oma           9Aug.1898 D/330 (066)
DUMAS, P.A.         Brown, M.E.           22June1890 C/255 (096)
DUNAGAN, Jeff       Stokes, Maxa          29Dec.1898 D/352 (069)
DUNAGAN, L,D.       Thomas, Sarah E.       9Spt.1886 C/124 (038)
DUNCAN, J.E.        Leggitt, M.J.        22Jan.1882 B/218 (095)
Dunning, Ira        Stalcup, Prudie      25July1895 D/187 (029)
DUNNING, J.M.       Bogie, I.L.          310ct.1887 C/164 (104)
DUPREEIH.C.         Haley, S.A.          12Mar.1876 A/091 (039)
DURANTIJ.T,         Williamson, Narcissa 30Spt.1890 C/266 (023)
DUVAL, J. Will      Yantis, Lilly        27June1895 D/183 (012)
DURANT, G.W.       Morrison, Nora       13Aug.1899 D/378 (160)
DURANT, V.H.        Snelson, Eila         9Feb.1896 D/218 (046)
DUVAL, W.H.         Trammel, M.E,         6Ap1.1876 A/092 (020)
DYKES, G.W.         Jackson, Julia       23Dec.1875 A/054 (174)

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license was issued but there is no record of marriage being performed.


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