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"F" GROOMS, Hood County Marriages

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

FAGER, Hiram         Brewer, S.A.          16DEc.1875 A/048   (053)
FALLIN,M.L,          Prescott, S.M.        17Jan.1895 D/170   (016)
FANT, W,F.           Daniels, Malissa      16Aug.1877 A/186 (168)
FATE,L.D.            Brewer, Anna          20July1876 A/1O1 (045)
FAULKNER, K.H.       Crites, Mollie        28Nov.1893 D/116 (012)
FAY, B.F.            Roberson(Mrs) E.V,    19NOv.1884 C/959 (087)
FERRELL, Joseph      Baumgartner,(Mrs)E.   23June1890 C/256 (012)
FIDLER, C.C.         Martin, Georgia        6Spt.1898 D/333 (023)
FINTON,J.L.          Shipman, Annie L.     27July1892 D/058 (059)
FIPPEN, T.A.         Brown,Jennie           5Spt.1887 C/160 (056)
FITZHUGH, H,V.       Cherry, Mattie        22June1898 D/324 (189)
FLEMING, D.C.        Higgins, Ollie         3June1883 C/j04 (031)
FLENNIKEN, F.N.      Thomas, Lula          30June1890 C/256 (NR)+*
FLENNIKEN, J.M.      Baccus, Marian L.     21Feb.1894 D/129 (114)
FLETCHER, A.J.       Boyd, Alice           19Aug.1897 d/287 (064)
FLETCHER, F.M.       Snider, Ettie E.      19Spt.1888 C/189 (038)
FLETCHER,J.A.        KYLE, Minnie          24Dec.1876 A/137 (020)
FLETCHER, W.H.       Kirkpatrick, Dora E.L 17Dec.1899 d/402 (066)
FLINT, J.C.          Lee, Lizzie            3Nov.1895 D/215 (098)
FLOYD, W.A.          Nutt, Contla          14Mar.1897 D/269 (022)
FORD, J,C,           Huckaby,(Mrs. M. E.    2Jan.1880 B/065 (071)
FORD, J.H.           Carsmach, M.F.        27July1875 A/024 (150)
FORD, J.P.           Beard, A.P.           23Nov.1176 A/127 (190)
FORD, J.T.           Pells, J.M.           25July1878 A/252 (013)
FORD, W.P.           Rawls, N.M.           10Feb.1896 D/219 (021)
FORGEY, H.R.         Brewer, Laura         28Spt.1879 B/045 (001)
FORMWALT, J.M.       Danford, Beulah       28Ap1.1898 D/321 (016)
FORMWALT, Wm. M.     Whitaker, Sallie       8Nov,1876 A/122 (020)
FORREST, F.T.        Shirley, Ethel        22Spt,1895 D/197 (132)
FORTNER, F.C.        Thomas, Lizzie        27June1897 D/210 (159)
FOSTER, Charles       Tingley, Cora         7Ap1.1887 C/148 (021)
FOSTER, E.B.         Ebberhart, M.L.       17Jan.1897 D/263 (069)
FOSTER, Geo. W.      Raifsnider, Georgia   31July1898 D/327 (088)
FOSTER, Hugo H.      Payton, Hattie J.     15Jan.1899 D/359 (164)
FOSTER, R.T., Jr.    Rhodes, Lula           6Feb.1895 D/174 (094)
FOSTER, W.A.         Glenn,(Mrs) R.A.M.     4Dec.1890 C/286( )23)
FOWLER, E.L.         Freeman, Norah         5Feb.1899 D/360 (191)
FRANKLIN, W.J.       Smaut, A.E,           16Ap1.1882 B/229 (013)
FRANKLIN, WM.        McClelland, Eliza J.   7 May1885 C/074 (004)
FRANKS, G.W.         Hix, Mattie            9Mar.1893 D/084 (059)
FREELAND, M.B.      Stone, Willje E.       170ct.1884 C/055 (128)
FREEMAN, M.B.       Waltrip, Ida          13Dec.1896 D/254 (173)
FREEMAN, W.N.       Gordon, Julia         13Feb.1881 B/147 (013)
FRITCH, Joseph      Marhews, Disty        19Aug.1875 A/028 (
FRIZZELL,W.H.       Hill,(Mrs. A.A.        9Feb.1890 C/241 (009)
FRUDY, William      Cline, L.E.           140ct.1880 B/105 (102)
FRUMAN, R.V.        Meek, Dora            20Aug.1191 D/015 (193)
FURGERSON, T.S.     Smith, Julia L.       29NOv.1883 C/023 (078)
FURGERSON, W.M.     Horton, Eula          22Jan.1891 D/287 (155)
FURGERSON, Bernard  Goodwin, Alice        30Nov.1891 D/027 (084)
FURLOW, J.W.        Watson, Sarah         21Dec.1895 D/207 (
FURLOW, T.A.        Painter, Cyntha C.    14Aug.1887 C/157 (015)
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When the Minister ID number is listed as (NR) it indicates that a 
license was issued but there is no record of marriage being performed.


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