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"L" GROOMS, Hood County Marriages

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*

LaBLUE, Arson        Holle, (Hollis?)N. A.  40ct.1896 D/245 (069)
LAKE, Walter         Blevins, Lue           1May 1892 D/047 (130)
LAMB, Charles        Adams, Catherine T,    1July1877 A/192 (037)
LAMBERT, A. B.       Barclay, Maggie P.     14Ap1.1892 B/045 (029)
LAMBERT, D. S.       Hightower, Matilda     30Jan.1879 A/295 (020)
LANCASTER, J. R.     Duvall, Ella           1May 1877 A/164 (003)
LANCASTER, S. B.     MillikuY, Nannie       28May 1879 B/017   (020)
LANCASTER, W. H.     Morrison, Ida          15Dec.1895 D/204   (003)
LANDERS, A. R.,Jr.   Mizell, J. E.          13Jan.1887 C/141   (063)
LANDERS, C. L. D.    Yancy, Sarah L.        13Nov.1898 D/343   (038)
LANDERS, C. L.,Jr.   Meeks, Ada R.          13Feb.1890 C/242   (147)
LANDERS, Geo. W.     Wright,(Mrs)Mollie E.  25Jan.1899 D/358     (158)
LANDERS, H. R.       Chambers, Sallie       14July1878 4/229 (020)
LANDERS, J.          McCabe, Anna            3Jan.1876 4/060 (020)
LANDERS, J. L.       McGaugh,(Mus)CallieA.  18Dec.1881 B/206 (247)
LANDERS, Wm. D.      Gifford, J. M.         30Spt.1877 A/195 (
LANE, J, H.          Anders, A. B.          17Aug.1884 C/050 (080)
LANE, J. P.          Wherry, Ada             6May 1897 D/273 (112)
LANE, S. W.          Aterberry, R. L.       12Ap1.1896 D/225 (248)
LANE, V. R.          Furlow, M. O.          15Feb.1886 C/105 (249)
LANGLEY, W. D.       Baker, Rosie           120ct.1892 D/065 (039)
LARMON(Harmon?)L.E.  Oram, Samantha         160ct.1881 B/195 (129)
LaRUE, Finnis        Shands, Lula E.        17Aug.1884 C/048 (251)
LATTA, Ferman        Garner, Mary Ann       llAug.1881 B/186 (041)
LAWERENCE, Wm.       St. Clair, W. A.       2Aug.1891 D/O11 (023)
LAYTON, Thos.        Hill, Zena             2Feb.1887 C/144 (104)
LEE,  Ed             Rosser, Mary           21Mar.1875 A/015 (007)
LEE,  G.  V.         Edmonson, Sarah A.V.   20Mar.1883 C/001 (105)
LEE,  J.  C.         Brewer, C. M.          190ct.1890 C/268 (021)
LEE, J.   F.         Williams, LIllian      14Mar.1889 C/207 (242)
LEE, John O.         Crowell, Ella          16Ap1.1898 D.319 (064)
LEE, R. T.           Howard, Nellie         14June1894 D/138 (252)
LEE, W. A.           Fitzhugh, Georger      13Dec.1896 D/253 (019)
LEESE, J. W.         Jordan, Emily          24Jan. 1886 C/103 (083)
LEFFEL, G. L.        Runnels, Mary A.       110ct.1877 A/198 (021)
LEFFEL, J. W,        Taylor, Mary E.        290ct,1884 C/058 (021)
LEITCH, D. L.        Pearce, Eliza          6Jan.1895 D/169 (084)
LeMASTER, J.  B.     Martin, N. E.         9June1889 C/215 (012)
LENNOCKS, W.  W.     Bush, Frances E,      4Mar.1883 B/293 (084)
LENNOCKS, W.  W.     Lamb,(Mrs) C. P.     30Mar.1890 C/247 (009)
LESTER, R. L.        Nicholas, Ethe       28Nov.1899 D/396 (028)
LEWIS, Austin        Gordon, Ida L.       10June1886 C/112 (104)
LEWIS, S. W.         Dabney, Maggie       10Dec.1896 D/252 (039)
LILES, Jno. R.      Barton, Mary          27Aug.1899 D/379 (048)
LILES, T. B.        Abbott, V. S.          8May 1895 D/181 (253)
LILLY, R. D.        Reid, E. A.           26Nov.1893 D/116 (012)
LILLY, W. E.        Abel, Ada Lee         10Jan.1897 D/262(012)
LINTHICUM, J. B.    Blevins, S. A.        250ct.1891 D/023 (130)
LINTHICUM, J. J     Renfrow, Minnie       24May 1891 D/008 (003)
LINTHICUM, JOe     Davis, Mollie           4June1876 A/086 (056)
LITTLE, A. J.       Armstrong, Sarah J.   12Dec.1875 A/047 (165)
LITTLE, J. B.       Massey, E. R.         13June1877 A/170 (254)
LITTLE, R.          Mugg, (Mrs)C. E.      llJuly1891 D/009 (021)
LIVELY, H. F.       Greene, Kittie M.     260ct.1898 D/341 (255)
LOCKHART, John      Hennard, Willie       13Aug.1899 D/377 (256)
LOCKLEY, Cornelius  Davidson, T. A.       15Spt.1878 A/266 (053)
LOCKLIN, George W.  King, Callie           9JUly1899 D/372 (208)
LOCKLIN, William    Coatney, A. E.         4Dec.1881 B/204 (139)
LOFTIN, E. C.       Bates, Mary I.        20Spt.1888 C/190 (069)
LOFTIN, Edward C    Dunning, Columbia Eva  6Ap1.1876 A/074 (057)
LOFTIN, J. T.       BLanton, Ladonia M.    3Feb.1889 C/204 (069)
LOGAN, J. P.        McClelland, C. E.      7Nov.1882 B/269 (084)
LOGAN, R. H.        Hill, W. S.            4June1875 A/017 (032)
LOMAX, R. C.        Crites, Mattie J.      50ct.1884 C/053 (012)
LONG, E. B.         Jackson, Ada          llNov.1897 D/298 (069)
LONG, J. W.         Sikes, Mary M.        19June1881 B/169 (013)
LONG, J. W.         Dbbbs, Mattie          10ct.1893 D/107 (079)
LONG, R.            Pounsey, Ann          12Aug.1883 C/015 (011)
LONGACRE, T. J.     Jones, Dollie J.      29Ap1.1891 D/004 (051)
LOVELACE, W. C.     Ethridge, Hannah      llDEc.1898 D/348 (066)
LOWE, J. G.         Herrington Sarah T    18Aug.1878 A/258 (010)
Lowe, James H.      Hines, S. A.          26Mar.1882 B/226 (012)
LOWE, W. C.         Moseley,(Mrs)Jane     29Ap1.1886 C/109 (059)
LOWE, Wm. W.        Armstrong, Jennie     26Dec.1889 C/235 (069)
LOWERY, T. A.       Bowen, M, E.           7Aug.1890 C/260 (084)
LOWING, W. J.       Wood, M. E.           29Mar.1885 C/023 (080)
LOYD, W. L.         Grice,(Mrs) Rosa       9Aug.1896 D/240 (132)
LUMPKIN, J. H.      Seeley, Clarissa      27Jan.1898 D/313 (041)
LUSK, J. W.         Jordan, Emily         24Jan.1886 C/103 (083)
LUSK, James W.      Davis Hattie           4Aug.1897 D/284 (118)
LUSK, V. H.         Rash, Mollie          22May 1879 B/015 (257)
LUTTRELL, J. M.     Daughton, Nora        26NOv.1893 D/119 (293)
LYLE, A.            Harwell, M. J.        21Mar.1878 A/235 (010)
LYLE, H. E.         Atkins, E. E.         27 Aug.1876A/108 (002)

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