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"R" GROOMS, Hood County Marriages

GROOM                 BRIDE                DATE BK. / PAGE     By*
RABURN, M. H.       Barton, Eliza         19Dec.1882 B/272  (001)
RACE, F. M.         Baker, Laura           4Mar.1891 C/291  (012)
RAGSDALE, James W.  Fayan, Maggie          5Mar.1887 C/144 (104)
RAGSDALE, John      Humphries, Angie       3Ap1.1879 B/009 (020)
RAIFSNIDER, Fred    Martin, Lydia          4Spt.1892 D/063 (014)
RAIFSNYDER, Albert  Martin, Mary J.       28Dec.1887 C/168 (014)
RANDLE, Jas. R.     Keithl Mollie         15Nov.1888 C/195 (005)
RANDLE, Jno. P      Hinson, Helen A.      31Aug.1884 C/048 (012)
RANSOM, J. W.       Clark, Ala             14Aug.1887 C/158 (306)
RASH, Chas. L.      Wood, Lou              29May 1890 C/253 (038)
RASH, S. A.         Lusk,(Mrs) MargaretL.  19Junel883 C/007 (011)
RATLIFF, J. M.      Howeth, Eller          13Dec.1896 D/253 (061)
RATLIFF, J. N.      SNider, Ada Q.          4Oct.1893 D/113 (041)
RAY, Len            Flowers, Elizabeth     21Ap1.1882 B/234 (013)
RAZELL, M. A.       Lowenzin, M. M.        12Mar.1896 D/221 (016)
REA (?),Jas. L.     Morris, Charmie         6Oct.1889 C/226 (003)
REESE, J. C.        Cunningham, A. T.      20Dec.1877 A/221 (024)
REESE, Judge        Rucker, Anica           6Nov.1889 C/231 (059)
RENTFROW, B. W.     Estes, Mollie          10Dec.1890 C/275 (039)
RENTFRO, John B.    Dennis, Virginia       24Nov.1878 A/276 (141)
RENTFROW, J. D.     Halford, Ollie         15Jan.1893 D/078 (001)
RENFROW, J. R.      Richauds, Belle        20July1889 C/220 (012)
REYNOLDS, G. R.     Davis, Donnie          17Dec.1893 D/120 (120)
REYNOLDS, H. A.     Heyser, Bell           19Nov.1876 A/125 (021)
REYNOLDS,  J. E.    Sargent, Cintha         6Oct.1881 B/190 (012)
REYNOLDS,  R. L.    Cooke, Florence        31Dec.1891 D/034 (186)
REYNOLDS,  S. C.    Cook, Hattie           13Ap1.1890 C/249 (147)
RHEA, James         McBride, Ollie         28Nov.1880 B/117 (105)
RHEA, James         Robertson, Mary         6Jan.1876 A/061 (020)
RHEA, P. V. Jr      Patterson, Mary         8Jan.1889 C/201 (029)
RHEA, Thomas R.     Mugg, FAnnie            8Dec.1878 A/279 (020)
RHODES, L. C.       Johnson, Louna          8Jan.1893 D/078 (118)
RHODES, Miles H.    Holden, FAnnie         20Nov.1887 C/164 (118)
RHODES, T. L.       Martin, Nancy           3Spt.1885 C/085 (021)
RICE, S. M.         Treadway, M. A.         6Ap1.1844 C/148 (039)
RICE, W. A.         Tinnin, C. E.          15July1894 D/143 (029)
RICH, L. E.         Baker, Annie M.        18Nov.1894 D/157 (089)
RICH, Lawrence      StYickland, CollieD.   15July1886 C/117 (041)
RICHARD, Joseph     Arrington, Lucretia     7Aug.1895 D/193 (201)
RICHARDS, Charles   Blake, Amanda          16Ap1.1882 B/130 (031)
RICHARDSON, J. G.   Tidwell, Artemitia      6June1878 A/242 (307)
RICHARDSON, J. W.   Williams, Fannie        1Nov.1885 C/091 (063)
RICK~IAN, D. L.     Scruggs, Hettie         4Nov.1883 C/020 (012)
RIDDLE, Lee         Lucas, Viola           25Dec.1892 D/076 (040)
RIDGEWAY,  A. H.    Adams, M. E.           27June1880 B/089 (102)
RIDGEWAY,  H. W.    Nesbitt, Ann E.         3Spt.1890 C/263 (009)
RIGGS, J.  T.       Odom,(Mrs) E. J.       15Nov.1883 C/021 (010)
RIGSBY, Frank A.    Hamilton, Onie          9Mar.1899 D/364 (308)
RIGSBY, John        Clark,(Mrs) M. M.      16Aug.1890 C/261 (023)
RILEY, Columbus     Morgan, Drucilla        5Dec.1877 A/210 (207)
RILEY, W. M.        browning, Ethel        20Oct.1897 D/295 (019)
RING (King?)L. J.   Saddler, S. J.          2July1882 B/243 (013)
RIPPETOE, Hite      McFall, Ethel          23May 1897 D/275 (293)
RIPPETOE, J. L.     Cook, Dora              4Nov.1894 D/153 (039)
ROACH, T. M.        Vandergriff, Martha    28Nov.1897 D/304 (027)
ROACH, W. J.        Strange, L. F.          1Mar.1899 D/362 (027)
ROBBINS, J.L.A.     Dawson,(Mrs.)Fannie    21Dec.1886 C/137 (141)
ROBBINS, R. M.      Kern, Emma R.          21Dec.1886 C/137 (141)
ROBERSON,A. J.      Larned, L. D.          2Spt.1875 A/032 (037)
ROBERSON, A. J.     Wheeler, M. S.        19Oct.1884 C/056 (038)
ROBERSON, Hesikial  Hoodenpyle,(Mrs)Mary   3Dec.1893 D/117 (148)
ROBERSON, J. J.     Ramsey, M. R.         30Dec.1894 D/1~4 (069)
ROBERSON, J. W.     Poe (?), E, T.        10Jan.1879 A/287 (105)
ROBERSON, L. F.     Fowler, Mollie        14Jan.1883 B/283 (005)
ROBERTS, J. H.      BerYy, M. C.          27Dec.1881 B/210 (013)
ROBERTSON, C. A.    TArlton, Louisa       23Mar.1878 A/227 (007)
ROBERTSON, W. J.    Morris, AYmundo       18May 1879 B/013 (043)
ROBERTSON, J. P.    Murcheson, M. E.       2Dec.1880 B/118 (031)
ROBINSON, A. D.     Ledbetter, B. J.      26Mar.1893 D/085 (107)
ROBINSON, A. D.     Flowers,(Mrs) M. E.   18July1899 D/373 (148)
ROBINSON, D.        Mobley, R. R.          9Jan.1881 B/130 (013)
ROBINSON, H. K.     Everett,(Mrs) S. E.   14Nov.1897 D/300 (259)
ROBINSON, J. T.     Huggins, Dora          9Aug.1888 C/185 (023)
ROBINSON, O. B.     Watts, Algada         25Mar.1896 D/222 (023)
ROBINSON, S. W.     Furlow, Lizzie        17Dec.1884 C/065 (199)
ROBINSON, T. B.     Hattie, A. M.         25Mar.1877 A/162 (020)
RODGERS, G. B.      St, Clair, Martha E.  15Spt.1886 C/124 (056)
ROE(?), W. T.       Caldwell, Julia       30Mar.1899 D/366 (148)
ROGERS, Geo. M.     Dobbs, Zado           26FEb.1893 D/083 (107)
ROGERS, J. B.       Clark, Minnie         13May 1883 C/004 (003)
ROGERS, J. C,       Walters, Paralee      25Dec.1889 C/236 (107)
ROGERS, J. A.       James, Myra            9Ap1.1893 D/086 (079)
ROGERS, W, L.       Dutton, M. F.         11Oct.1885 C/089 (037)
ROLLINS, J. F.      Watts, Renthrie        9Mar.1879 A/302 (020)
ROLLINS, Jordon F   Patterson,(Mrs) M.M.  28July1898 D/327 (138)
ROMINE, G. D.       Finl~y, M. E.          8Spt.1894 D/147 (147)
ROMINE, R. H.       Hawkins, L. F.        20Dec.1894 D/160 (040)
ROSSER, C. A.       Windsor, S. C.         4Mar.1877 A/156 (007)
ROW, I. M.          Davis, C.             19Aug.1877 A/188 (024)
ROW, W. G.          GAines, Mary          10June1883 C/005 (080)
ROWELL, J. P.       Nunn, Mollie          15Dec.1880 B/122 (071)
ROYELL, P. Y.       Helms, Louisa J.      31July1881 B/179 (021)
RUCKER, Hays        Edwards, Lizzie       24June1897 D/280 (016)
RUCKER, Jim         Keith, Marie           7Mar.1897 D/268 (309)
RUFF, F. I.         Browning, Ida          3Jan.1889 C/248 (310)
RURAK, A. G.        Baker, Sudie W.        5Dec.1898 D/347 (038)
RUSSELL, A. J.      James, Flora          14Feb.1895 D/176 (016)
RUSSELL, B. H.      Griffin, NOra         13Aug.1891 D/014 (023)
RUSSELL, B. H.      King, Mattie           4Jan.1877 A/143 (024)
RUSSELL, B. H.      Tracy, Jo             22Jan.1877 R/145 (024)
RUSSELL, Henry D.   Grice, Mollie          4Spt.1878 A/263 (010)
RUSSELL, H. D.      Patterson, Henrietta  13June1886 C/112 (023)
RUSSELL, J. D.      Garrison,(Mrs) M.     11Oct.1890 C/267 (124)
RUSSELL, Wm.        Low, Sarah            28July1890 C/258 (023)
RUTLEDGE, R. N.     Wooffen, Clara S.      5Oct.1882 B/259 (069)
RYLEE (?),Charley   Pearce, Lucy          24DEc.1899 D/405 (028)
RYLEE, M.           Kerr, L. M.           26Spt.1893 D/102 (016)
RYLIE, W. B.        Gray Mary             29May 1898 D/319 (311)

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license was issued but there is no record of marriage being performed.


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