Hood County Texas Genealogical Society


          1875 to 1900


      Geraldine Elkins Cook
      Talmadge Hawthorne
      R. R. Massegee

          PUBLISHED BY

P.O. Box 1623, Granbury, TX. 76048

          Copyright, 1983
Hood County Genealogical Society


        Hood County, Texas, was created from Johnson County In 1865,
        and named in honor of General J. B, Hood of the Confederate
        Army .

        Commissioners appointed to organize the county were Claiborne,
        Arrington, C. C. Alexander and William Manley. All records,
        including those of their work, were destroyed when the court
        house burned in 1875.

        These records were copied from the original marriage books.
        The handwriting is difficult to read, and many names are
        spelled incorrectly. We advise the reader to check all
        possible spellings for a given name. (i.e. King or Ring)

        The format for the book is in three parts. The first part
        indexes the Grooms, includes the Bride and reference data
        with a numerical reference for the official performing the
        ceremony, found in the Appendix. The Brides are indexed and
        follow the Appendix as the third and final part of the book.

The above book was scanned into ASCII text files that are presented
in this home page.  Please be advised to keep a careful lookout for
misspellings initiated by the scanning process.  If you are suspicious 
of a surname spelling or a date it would be wise to request a copy of 
the original source document. The official performing the ceremony 
is listed as "Minister" although he may be a civil official. When the
Minister ID number is listed as (NR) it indicates that a license was 
issued but there is no record of marriage being performed.


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