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(Photo Not Shown Here)

Hood County News Centennial Edition - Sept. 23, 1971


The group pictured here were students of the Temple Hall School and were photographed about 1893. The school was located approximately where the Don Scott home now stands, across from the Temple Hall Methodist Church.

Emma Kelley

Edna Tankersley

Lucinda Shelton

Flora Crum

Leta Guiles

Shannon Harrel

Ed Scott

George Kelley

Walter Dent

Miss E. Jones (teacher)

Elva Snider

Sallie Kelley

Belle Kelley

Lula Parkinson

Martha Shelton

Sam McWhorter

Kim Kelley

Will Dent

Henry Tankersley

John Dent

Unknown (girl)

Luore McWhorter

Pearl Harrel

Becky Shelton

Roy Bell

Hugh Harrel

Leve Kelley

Arthur Boyter

Tom Parkinson

Fred Dent

Marvin Bell

Olin Bell

John Parkinson

Bob Atwood

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