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 Add-Ran College

History of Add-Ran College Located in Thorp Spring 1873 - 1895

Another History of Add-Ran College by June Rayfield Welch

Add-Ran College "Play On, Miss Bertha"

Frog Fever Began in Thorp Spring

Texas Christian University Successor to Add-Ran College


*Granbury College 1873 to 1912

Data, Rules, and Regulations

Granbury University Training School

Granbury University Training College 1908 -Letters & Photo

Memories of Granbury College

Granbury College Baseball Team about 1910


Weatherford College Successor to Granbury College


*Hays College

Hays College was actually a grade school southeast of Tolar, and later moved to nearby Hill City.


*Thorp Spring Christian College

Made use of facility vacated by Add-Ran College

Thorp Spring Christian College 1927 Year Book "The Spring Board"

Thorp Spring Christian College Basketball Team

Thorp Spring Christian College Football Team

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