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The Dictionary of American Family Names gives the following information about the Mullins name “Mullin, Maolan, (Dim. of Maol,-Bald) ONE WHO CAME FROM Maulins, or Moulines, (Mills) the name of several places in France: one who ground grain, a miller.”


American Surnames, p. 300; Estimates as to number of persons bearing the name Mullins, as 55,200. “The Mullins in Ireland was known for their bald heads.”



If you had been present to read the passenger list of the good ship “Mayflower” when it discharged its passengers at Plymouth Rock, a part of Massachusetts Bay, December 21, 1620, you would have found the name of William Mullins among the male passengers, and the name of his wife and their two children, Joseph and Priscilla, on another list.  A son, William Jr., and a daughter, Sarah, children of his deceased wife remained in England.  It seems this son came to America later.  William Mullins was the eighth person to sign the MAYFLOWER PACT, which was a covenant entered into and signed by leaders of the colonists.  It contained some basic rules and guiding principles to guide them in the government of the colony they expected to establish in the New World which was to be their home.


Priscilla Mullins Alden, est. 1602 – 1680


The first year in the New World was a year of hardships for the new colonists.  Many of their number had died.  During the 2nd year after their arrival William and his wife, and their son Joseph, died of the plague.  Their daughter, Priscilla, survived.  She proved her ability to think and to take care of herself when it came to making important decisions. She proved this when John Alden, a young man about twenty-one years old, came, ostensibly to speak for Miles Standish who was about forty years old, who desired the hand of Priscilla in marriage.  In the midst of his plea for Standish, Priscilla interrupted him by saying, “Why don’t you speak for yourself John?” Hearing these words, John Alden at once substituted his name for that of Miles Standish.  John and Priscilla were duly married.  He contributed much to the work of the colony, and the two of them together added to the population of the colony with their twelve children.


In 1621 Morgan Mullins,[1] brother of William Mullins, came to America.  Evidently seeing that Priscilla, his niece, was well taken care of, he set out to establish his own family in America.  Not many details are available about this Morgan Mullins.  It seems that he was a Methodist minister.  However, we do not know his age, or where he first settled in the New World, neither do we know the name of his first descendants.


Morgan Mullins, born about 1800


  The first one that we have any information about is a great, great, great grandson by the name of Morgan Mullins, who was born in Tennessee.[2]  His wife was also born in Tennessee, and we know that one son, Thomas Patrick was also born in Tennessee, November 2, 1836.  We also know that this Morgan Mullins was a Methodist minister.  We do not know when they came to Texas, or where they first settled, or where the father lived. We do know that he had one daughter by the name of Margaret Mullins, who is mentioned in the History of Young County in these words, “George T. Hunter married Margaret Mullins, daughter of Morgan Mullins, Methodist Minister, in 1858, as the 2nd marriage in Palo Pinto County. We also know that he had another daughter by the name of Lynn, [3] who married Sam Peveler, but no mention is made as to where she or her father lived.  Sam Peveler was the son of David Peveler, and a brother of Uncle Franz Peveler, both well known settlers of Hood County.


Left: Thomas Patrick Mullins Sr.

with his cousin, Lewis J. Peveler Sr.


We first hear of Thomas Patrick Mullins in Texas as living at Whitney, Texas, where he was married to Nannie Elizabeth Terrell, January 11, 1867.  Their first child, Edward, was born in Whitney, Texas, December 25, 1868.  The family moved to Granbury, Texas, Hood County, in the early 1870’s. They first lived on West Pearl Street, across the street, almost opposite from what is now known as the Mullins place, at 1030 W. Pearl, where Alleene Mullins, [4] daughter of Sam Mullins now lives.


Mullins Home at 1030 West Pearl in Granbury; Standing – Sweetie Mullins.

The house was built by Edward Barry Mullins in the late 1890’s.


Mr. Mullins was a farmer, did some freighting, and carried the mail between Granbury and Lipan for a number of years.


Thomas Patrick Mullins Sr., 1836 - 1892


Into the home of Thomas Patrick and Nannie Terrell Mullins were born the following children:


1.     Edward Barry Mullins, born December 25, 1868 in Whitney, Texas; died November 29, 1912 in Wagoner, Oklahoma.


2.     George M. Mullins, born August 08, 1870 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas; died November 26, 1870 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas.


3.     Lula Mullins, born November 06, 1871 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas; died November 09, 1877 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas.


4.     Samuel Patrick Mullins, born April 08, 1873; died Sept. 29, 1964 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas.


5.     Anne Elisabeth (Bessie) Mullins, born November 21, 1874 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas; died February 20, 1910 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas.


6.     Thomas Patrick Mullins, Jr., born March 14, 1876; died July 25, 1946 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas.


7.     Sweetie Mullins, born July 12, 1878; died July 03, 1910.


8.     Eudorah (Dora) Alice Mullins, born May 25, 1879; died August 20, 1985.


9.     David T. Mullins, born May 04, 1881; died January 28, 1882.


10. Johnnie W. Mullins, born August 27, 1884 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas; died January 03, 1978 in Los Angeles, California.


11. Joseph Anderson Mullins, born March 08, 1886; died December 15, 1948 in Long Beach, California.


12. Charles G. Mullins, born July 28, 1888 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas; died February 09, 1931 in DeQueen, Arkansas.


Thomas Patrick Mullins, Sr. with

his brother John Mullins

      Thomas Patrick Mullins, Sr., died in Granbury, Texas, June 3, 1892, and is buried in the family burial plot, Granbury Cemetery.  His wife, Nannie, and nine children survived him.


After the death of Thomas Patrick Mullins, Sr., two interesting documents were filed with the court by his wife Nannie Mullins.  As these papers refer to a loss by him of livestock stolen by the Indians, it would be interesting to know when and where this incident occurred.  The following two pages are copies of the two papers that were filed:


Ni, 233

Petition of Mrs. Nannie Mullins, Surviving wife of

T.P. Mullins, Deceased, Filed Sept.14th, 1892.

Phil Jackson, County Clerk.  Entered In Book “C” Page 161.

State of Texas, County of Hood, in Probate Court Sep-Term 1892.


Your petitioner Mrs. Nannie Mullins represents and shows to the Court, that she is the Surviving wife of Thomas P. Mullins, deceased.


That her husband, Thomas P. Mullins, died on the 3rd day of June 1892 in Hood County, Texas,


That he left surviving him the following children:


Ed Mullins, age 23

Sam Mullins, age 19

Bessie Mullins, age 17

Tom Mullins, age 16

Sweetie Mullins, age 13

Dora Mullins, age 11

John Mullins, age 8

Joe Mullins, age 6

Charlie Mullins, age 4


That there is a community estate between herself and her deceased husband.  Consisting in a certain Indian Claim against the United States for stock that was stolen by the Indians, and that said claim is now pending before the Court of Indian Claims in Washington, D.C. and is of the probable value of $500.00 and that said claim is all the property or claims belonging to said estate.


That she is at this time a Citizen of Hood County, Texas, and was at the death of her husband.


Wherefore. She prays that appraisers be appointed to make out an inventory and appraisement of said estate, and that she be granted exclusive control and management of said estate, and empowered with authority to prosecute said suit to a finality, as said surviving wife.



Attys for applicant.

Mrs. Nannie Mullins, Survivor, Estate of T.P. Mullins, deceased.


Filed Sept. 16th, 1892.  Phil Jackson, Clerk, by T.H. Hiner, Deputy.

Entered in Book “E” Page 163.




A certain Indian claim for $7885.00 against the United States, and now pending in the Court of Indian Claims in the City of Washington, D.C. valued at $250.00


T.H. Hiner, ) Appraisers.

W.A. Duke, )


State of Texas, County Of Hood: in County Court Hood Co. Texas,


We, the undersigned Appraisers heretofore appointed to appraise the Community Estate of Mrs. Nannie Mullins and her deceased husband, Thomas P. Mullins, do solemnly swear that the foregoing is a full and fair appraisement of the community estate of said Nannie Mullins and her deceased husband, T.P. Mullins, produced before us by said Nannie Mullins.


T.H. Hiner,

W.A. Duke.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sept. 16th, 1892.

Phil Jackson. Co. Clk. Hood Co., Texas


I, Nannie Mullins do solemnly swear that the foregoing inventory and list is a full and complete Inventory and list of the property and claim of myself and my deceased husband, Thomas P. Mullins.


Nannie Mullins


Sworn to and subscribed to before me this Sept. 16th, 1892.


Phil Jackson, Co. Clk. Hood Co., Texas

Approved this 16th day of Sept. 1892.

G.W. Riddle, Atty.







Thomas Patrick Mullins, Sr.

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Nannie E. Terrell Mullins



Edward B. Mullins



Lula Mullins



Samuel Patrick Mullins



Nannie Elizabeth Mullins Neely



Thomas P. Mullins, Jr.



Sweetie Mullins Leitch



Eudorah Alice (Dora) Mullins Hall Hancock



Charlie G. Mullins



Joseph Anderson Mullins



Johnnie Mullins



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[1] No evidence has been found of a Morgan Mullins, ca. 1621.

[2] The 1860 Palo Pinto County, Texas census indicates Morgan Mullins was born in Virginia around 1810-1811. A Morgan Mullins is listed in the 1820 KY U.S. Census as having a wife and a son under 10.  If this Morgan Mullins is the same Morgan Mullins as Thomas Patrick's father, the 1820 census information would support an 1800 birth date with a previous marriage to Lucy Vency on October 12, 1818. The son’s name could be John.

[3] Melinda (Lynn) Mullins was born about 1844. She died from snakebite after having two daughters.

[4] Alleene Mullins was born November 5, 1908 and died June 18, 1997 and is buried in the Mullins’ plot in the Granbury Cemetery.