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Landmarks & Vanished Communities

* Acton

Surveyors were at work in what is now Acton as early as 1845. In 1852 Acton was classified as a permanent settlement known as Comanche Peak Post Office.

History of Acton by Randle Rash

Another History of Acton by Mary L. Watkins


* Brushy Creek

Brushy Creek School


* The Colony

A community established by ex-slaves

The Colony Cemetery R. D. Edwards, Caretaker & Juneteenth

Community Leader Simon Hightower

Descendants of The Colony

Juneteenth Celebration 1999


* Comanche Peak

Comanche Peak: A Refuge From Civilization

Indian Ceremonies at Comanche Peak

Indian's Quest Guides Him to Comanche Peak

Love & Lore of Comanche Peak


* Cresson

Cresson and its post office were established in 1887. The city was named for John Cresson who headed a wagon train that passed through the eastern part of Hood County. Cresson returned later and settled in the area; or was it named after a railroad civil engineer's hometown of Cresson in Maine? or Pennsylvania?

Cresson Historical & Genealogical Notes Index

Cresson Cemetery History

Cresson Memories in 1940's

Cresson Railroads History

Cresson High School 1932/1937

Cresson School History

Cresson School Building to be Demolished?

Cresson School Centennial Celebration

Home on the Range

Slocum Brothers

Cresson Crossties - by Christopher C. Evans

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Jan. 9, 2001

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* DeCordova

DeCordova Now Hood County's Second Largest City January 15, 2000 election

Joseph Raphael DeCordova 1808-1868, Texas colonizer, land agent, and state representative


* Fall Creek

History of Fall Creek


* Fort Spunky

History of Fort Spunky

Fort Spunky Trading Post Photos


* Granbury

History of Granbury by Mary Kate Durham, Hood County Historian

Another History of Granbury by Ted W. Mayborn

American Legion

American Legion Auxiliary

Aston House

Brazos Drive-In

Cherry Building

Downtown History

Dub's Place

Durant Chevrolet

First National Bank of Granbury

Football Teams in Early 1900's

Granbury Café

Granbury Chamber of Commerce Presidents 1952 to 2003

Granbury Café CA 1940s

Granbury City Hall Built in 1933

Granbury Courthouse & Town Square

Granbury Depot History

Granbury High School Poem Written ~1910

Granbury High School 1918 Year Book

Granbury Light Plant Operated 1904-1954

History of Granbury Light Plant

Granbury Light Plant Photographic Tour by Wayne Moyers

Granbury Opera House History 1886-1911

Granbury Opera House

Granbury Square Center of town's activities

Granbury Telephone Office

Granbury University Training School

Hanging Tree Controversy

Hog-Killin' Time

Mangold Toy Factory

Masonic Lodge in 1889

Masonic Lodge No. 392 Membership photo ~1945

Masonic Lodge No. 392

Masonic Lodge 392 Past Masters 1874 - 1937

Nutt House

Oak Trail Christian Academy 1979-2002

Palace Theatre

Reunion Grounds 1986 Reunion

Shanley Building

Victorian Revival of a Wild West Town

Woman's Wednesday Club

Women's Influence on the Granbury Square


* Hood County

Hood County History

Another History of Hood County Written in 1926

Hood County Historical Facts

Hood County Historical Highlights Index to pictorial book published in 1993 by Hood County News & Hood County Historical Society

1854 to 1856 Migration to Hood County

1867 Hood County Report on Indian Raids, Murders, etc.

1869 The Raid of the Seven Indians

1872 Land Fraud

1879 Sketch of Hood County

1887 Hood County Masonic Lodges

1904 Hood County Wind & Hail Storm

1936 Texas Centennial

1952 Sketch of Hood County

1968 Lake Granbury Clearing

2003 Space Shuttle Tragedy

Brazos River Crossings

Daughters of the Republic Brazos River Chapter

DeCordova Bend Dam

Domino Memories

Fort Worth & Rio Grande Railway

Foster / Compton Farm

Hood County Home Demonstration Club

Hood County Judges

Hood County Retired Teachers Association

Hood County Schools

History of Hood County Schools by Mary Kate Durham

38 Different Schools

Hood County Sheriffs Historical Photo Gallery by Wayne Moyers

          Yesteryear Sheriffs by Mary Kate Durham

Hood County Shoe Stores

Hood County Watermelon Association

Indian Depredations Published in 1889

Massey Home Site and Farm in Fall Creek community

Memories of Growing Up in Hood County by Glenn Etta Thornton Nutt

Men Who Made Hood County

Millington Ranch


Parkinson's Mill (Center Point)

Road Tours by Kathy Smith, Hood County News

Comanche Peak Loop

Eastern Hood County

Western Hood County

Southwestern Hood County

Steeldust Horses

Tommy Houston Ranch also known in past as I.T. Ranch & Put Ranch

Travel Was Slow


* Kristenstad

Kristenstad was once a flourishing community in southeastern Hood County from 1928 - 1941. Learn the truth behind this land development venture that captured the nation's attention and had direct ties to the cabinet of President Woodrow Wilson. Mystery, intrigue, politics, and romance - it's all here!

History of Kristenstad by Vaudrene R. Smith Hunt

Kristenstad Coins

John G. Campbell Oral History Family lived in Kristenstad


* Lipan

Thomas Allen Burns 1832 - 1933 Founder of Lipan

Named for the Lipan Indians who roamed the area

History of Lipan by J. T. Sears, Lipan Historian

Another History of Lipan by Carl Dean Ator

1872 Rozell Massacre

1921 – 2003 Lipan High School Senior Classes

1926 Lipan Bank Robbery

1936 Electricity Comes to Lipan Contributed by Juanita Windsor McCauley

1994 Lipan High School Class A State Basketball Champions

2001 Lipan Bank Robbery

Citizens of Lipan Index from Glancing Backward, A History of Lipan, Texas by Iris Williamson Hubbard

Key Blacksmith Shop

Lipan Fire Department When the laundry truck was rigged to fight fires

Lipan Homecoming

Lipan Hospital

Lipan School Superintendents

Lipan Streets

Lipan Student & Faculty Photographs

Martin Cemetery Historical Designation


* Nemo

History of Nemo


* Neri

Neri by Hettie Lena Armstrong Hayworth

Neri School

Contrary Creek School


* Nubbin Ridge

Nubbin Ridge Notes by Troy Purselley


* Paluxy

History of Paluxy

Masonic Lodge No. 393

Paluxy Mill

Paluxy Postmasters

Paluxy School

The Seeder Post by Christopher C. Evans


* Rock Church

History of Rock Church Community


* Temple Hall

Temple Hall 1893 Students


* Thorp Spring

History of Add-Ran College Located in Thorp Spring 1873 - 1895

Another History of Add-Ran College by June Rayfield Welch

Add-Ran College "Play On, Miss Bertha"

Colonel Pleasant & Nancy Thorp by Barbara Thorp Watkins


* Tolar

Tolar was founded in 1870 by a group of Civil War veterans. The town was named for Civil War hero Captain Alfred "Alf" H.H. Tolar who was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg.

History of Tolar by Jewel Cherry

Another History of Tolar by David Minor

1854 to 1856 Migration to Hood County

Captain Alfred H. H. Tolar Town's Namesake


Oleo Farm

Stagecoaches and Starr Hollow

Tolar Founders Day

Tolar High School 1906 Class

Tolar High School 1907 Class

Tolar High School 1908 Class

Tolar High School 1918 Class

Tolar Rattlers Naming of High School Basketball Team

Tolar Talk

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